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#2004: That makes sense. Wait--no, it doesn't.

Obama signs federal takeover of student loans.
President Barack Obama prepared Tuesday to sign the piece of his sweeping health care overhaul that makes the government the primary lender to students and strips banks of that power.
Yeah, because nothing says "health care overhaul" like socializing the student loan business.

First, I don't understand why this needs a separate signature. After all, this was passed as part of ObamaCare. Shouldn't his signature on the socialized medicine law be enough?

Second, I don't understand how socializing student loans is "part" of ObamaCare.

Third, if Obama has to sign this separately from ObamaCare in order for it to become law, how can it have passed with the same vote as ObamaCare? Doesn't this mean they're two different pieces of legislation? As I understand the Constitution, each piece of legislation has to pass an up-or-down vote in both houses of Congress before the President can sign it into law.

To be sure, the irregularities with the socialization of student loans are miniscule in comparison with the issues ObamaCare has--in constitutionality alone--so this is probably going to get lost in the shuffle.

* * *

Business in America is already taking the hit from ObamaCare. And one commentor pointed out something:

"'The legislation, which calls for a $2,000 per employee fine for failure to insure full-time workers (30 hours or more a week)' I see a 29 hour work week in their future."

Welcome to the brave new world of ObamaCare!

* * *

California and other border states need to enforce the immigration laws. Right now, they don't.

I've just about made up my mind that the United States needs to put up a serious barrier on the US-Mexico border. I'm talking about razor wire, electrified fences, trenches, moats, and mine fields. Put up signs every 50 yards which say, in English and Spanish, "IF YOU PASS THIS FENCE YOU WILL DIE." Have guards posted in towers with night vision goggles and rifles with orders to shoot at anything human-shaped which attempts to cross. If someone tries to cross and gets blown up, shot, or electrocuted, he's left there.

Hell yes I'm serious. I don't give a rat's ass if Mexico would like it or not. After all, what's Mexico going to do about it, anyway?

* * *

New ep of V tonight at 9 PM central time. I still don't know what I think of that show. I wonder how many episodes they'll show this time before running out of new ones? When they started the series they showed a grand total of four.

* * *

I have a hankering--finally--to watch some anime, and I think the coughing has subsided to the point I can risk it. Since the WoW servers are down until 1 PM, I might as well watch something entertaining.

* * *

Well, the first quarter of the year is just about over. My health insurance rises to $460 per quarter, which is about $15 more than it was last time.

I expect the July bill to be significantly higher. I wouldn't be surprised if it topped $600--in which case I'll have to re-evaluate my health insurance situation. And this isn't even that great of a health plan. Forget "Cadillac" coverage; this is barely Chevrolet coverage. My deductible is $2,000 for crying out loud.

And if the July bill is not, the October one will be.

Thanks, Democrats.

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