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#2007: Cars are going to get a lot more expensive soon.

And smaller: Obama signed new CAFE regulations raising the requirement to 35.5 MPG by 2016.

I thought that BS had been accomplished in 2008? Or was I mis-remembering? Or has Obama in fact raised the requirement even further?

Regardless, let Obama and the Democrats own this one.

* * *

Flush with success over the passage of ObamaCare, President Tweek is pushing other items in his agenda. All of which, it must be said, will have at least as much negative impact on the American economy as ObamaCare will.
* Cap-and-Tax, which will drive energy costs into the stratosphere
* Amnesty for illegal immigrants, which will drive social spending into the Oort cloud, raise unemployment, and depress wages
* Education reform, which will cost a lot of money, thus driving up the deficit at a time when the feds are already spending almost $7 million per minute ($116,000 per second)
* Finance reform, which will almost certainly include a lot of profit disincentives and make it harder to earn and spend money
* Campaign finance reform, to give incumbents an easier time of retaining their seats
Very little of this is going to resonate with the American people. The more of these things Obama rams through, the more seats the Democrats will lose in November.

Hey, Tweek-a-troid? "Go for it."

* * *

Stuff I wondered about but didn't really care about enough actually to research:

I have wondered why all the lefties were so ga-ga over the Perons. Well, I wonder no more: Juan Peron socialized Argentina. There has never been a socialist moron the lefties didn't like; and the fact that Juan Peron's policies led to the utter ruination of the Argentine economy apparently doesn't matter to those who support socialism.

* * *

This is fine with me. Anything which gets people to obey the freaking speed limit is a good idea IMHO.

* * *

This made me drool. Specifically, this part:

The 2001 Cherokee's upgraded with a new Mopar-supplied 4.7-liter I-6 Stroker...

My 2000 Cherokee has a bone-stock 4 liter I6 engine. 0.7 liter may not sound like much extra displacement, but it's all coming from lengthening the stroke of the engine (hence the term "stroker") and any time you lengthen the stroke of an engine, you increase its torque.

The I6 is already a torque monster, generating 225 lb-ft of torque. It's a tractor motor. I have to wonder how much more the stroker generates.

* * *

No I don't intend to do another engine swap this year if I can possibly help it.

* * *

So yesterday, after getting home from running errands, I took my temperature, and guess what?

I was running 1.4° of fever.

My normal temperature is 97.6°, and the thermometer said 99.0°. (I'm not the only one in my family like this. My oldest sister runs a degree cooler, too.)

How the hell can I have a cold for nearly three weeks and still be running a fever? I think this blows.

...but at least it explains why I've been feeling so damn woozy and have had such trouble concentrating on things. I'm not losing my mind; it's just that I'm still sick. *sigh*

* * *

Perfect weather yesterday, warmer today. I've got car work to do, cold or no. That damn exhaust rattle is driving me insane, and I'm going to go get an O2 sensor and try putting it in to see if that solves the other problem.

And I have a host of other errands, including shopping. Well, that's how it goes, I guess.

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