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#2010: I didn't have that much trouble.

Cisco is making new "easy-peasy" routers which are intended to make it extra-simple for people to set up home networks.

...and they charge $80 for a router?
"Normally, if you were going to install a secure wireless network, you'd have to create a password for the router, change the name of the router and create a password for the wireless part of it. Now that's all preset in the key. You don't have to type in anything. ... This is a significant step."
None of that is particularly difficult to accomplish.

Then again, I'm in the 99th percentile of computer users. This is something I have trouble remembering. Usually I figure if I can manage to do something without causing a fire or explosion I figure most people can do the same; but to be honest, this is really not true.

I do get really impatient with people (people who I know are smart) who tell me, "I can't figure this out!" One of my exes was like that. She insisted she couldn't do technical things because she was "dyslexic". This is the same person who read several paperbacks per week--and I'm talking thick ones from the SF-Fantasy section of the bookstore, not Harlequin romances--and who would pinch about 1/4" worth of pages and tell me, "I've got just this to finish before I go to bed" at ten freaking thirty PM on a work night. Oh, yeah, you're really dyslexic, there. *sigh*

Lame excuses aside, most people do not have the understanding and experience to read a manual and set up a router for secure wireless access: they can't get their brains into the right logical "space" to deal with the fiddlybits inside the software. It's not stupidity; it's a lack of context.

Me, I've been fooling around with computers continuously since 1983. It's been a rare day in the last 27 years that I didn't do something computer-related.

* * *

Top 10 ObamaCare disasters. I'm only linking this because I want to talk about #8:
The employer mandate requires employers to offer a federally defined level of insurance or pay a fine. Moreover, even if an employer does offer insurance but their low-income employees qualify and elect to enter the health exchange instead, the employer will pay a $3,000 penalty for each employee who makes this choice. This is in addition to the cost of offering insurance.

In several cases, depending on the proportion of an employer’s workforce that comes from low-income families, it would be more beneficial for employers to drop coverage altogether rather than pay for the increased penalty for employees in the exchange. This creates an incentive for employers to avoid hiring workers from low-income families, hurting those who need jobs the most.
This is crazy! They're fining employers for choices made by their employees!

I think I see the "logic": it's meant to be an incentive for an employer to carry more of the cost of health insurance, so that the employee will choose to be insured through his employer's plan rather than go to the health insurance (single payer) exchange.

What it will do, however, is to place negative pressure on employment: the easiest way to avoid the problem is to make do with fewer workers.

Thanks, Democrats.

* * *

Now, this is a first: the productivity of American workers is just too darn high. I had never expected to hear this kind of thing said by people who purport to be responsible and intelligent adults.

It's not the economy, that's causing unemployment; it's just that American workers are too dang efficient.

Meanwhile, in the real world, what is actually happening: people are working their asses off for fear of losing their jobs and their employers are doing their damnedest to encourage that mindset.

* * *

I like this doctor.

* * *

"Health plan may hobble economic recovery". Now they figure this out. People on my side of the aisle have only been saying this since Obama started talking about ObamaCare.

We've also been saying that ObamaCare might well cause a debt crisis.

But of course we're just a bunch of "teabaggers" and "racists".

* * *

The dominoes are all lined up. Which will be the first to fall? How long will it take before the whole schmeer falls over?

* * *

Corporations are hanging on to liquid capital and hiring as few people as possible.

* * *

The mainstream media, as expected, is touting an increase in employment in March.

What happened in March? Among other things, "[T]he hiring of temporary workers for the U.S. Census." The government is going to hire 1.2 million temporary workers in order to accomplish the census.

(By the way, both this story and the prior one rely on the same anecdote from the same unemployed salesman.)

* * *

Send these cops to jail and throw away the key. Cops must not be allowed to get away with this kind of crime.

* * *

Recall this foo-raw at a UAW union hall in California? Well, it's been noticed now that the plant has officially closed.

Boortz discusses it.

Breitbart, too.

Boortz says the NUMMI plant was indeed Toyota's only unionized plant. I am not surprised.

* * *

Don't try to beat a train. That moron got off very, very easy.

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