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#2012: But don't take PICTURES!

Exactly what do you think is going to happen if a bunch of women are topless in public?

The organizer of the event said, "I'm amazed, [and] enraged [at] the fact that there's a wall of men watching." You're enraged because men are staring at your breasts? In a society where women don't typically bare their breasts in public?

What did you think would happen?

"A lot of people were taking pictures without even asking." Emphasis mine.

What did you think would happen?

Come on: if you do something outrageous, people are going to stare and they're going to take pictures. Get over it.

I shouldn't be so incredulous over her attitude. Somewhere along the line, "equal rights for women" became "special rights for women" and part of that includes women who put everything they've got on display who then turn around and sue anyone whose attention they don't like. "That man over there is harassing me! He's looking at me!"

You think I'm making that up?


* * *

Obama bloviates instead of answering a simple question.


* * *

Expect ObamaCare to reduce the number of doctors in the United States. Why would anyone want to go into medicine now? Spend twelve years slaving for your license to practice medicine only to find yourself taking direction from a bunch of mooks in a death panel? No thanks.

* * *

I feel better than I did on Saturday. I'm not going to see the doc today.

Saturday I pushed myself too hard, and paid the price for it. After spending most of Sunday in bed, I feel a hell of a lot better. I'm probably a shade better than I was Saturday morning; and once this is done I'm going back to bed.

Sunday afternoon, I decided to watch Lovely Complex. In the process, I found the CD-ROM of the 1995 Ford factory service manuals, which I'd been looking for since the second week of March.

Ep 5 of LC has a hysterically funny moment in it, which I utterly forgot until I saw Seiko appear in ep 4. Then I thought, Oh, no. This is going to be bad.

It was bad.

It's the scene (after the big reveal about Seiko) when Risa, Nobu-chan, and Nakao are trying to stifle their laughter while Otani reads a magazine a short distance away from them. It's such a damn funny scene. I knew it was coming, and still it got me, despite my best efforts at not laughing. And yeah, I nearly coughed my lungs out.

It was worth it.

* * *

The Ford FSM contains all sorts of useful technial information about the Escort (and, in fact, several other 1995 Ford passenger cars) but I've still got a fever and it's too much for my brain to decipher right now.

I don't know how useful it's going to be since I don't have the fancy diagnostic tool which records sensor values as you drive. But if I'm right, the manual nonetheless has some useful information in it, and it might be of some help to me.

I still have to fabricate a new ground strap for the engine. I don't see why that would make a lick of difference--the negative battery cable ought to be sufficient--but making sure you have a good ground is the very very first thing you always do when trying to diagnose any problem with a circuit.

The temperature sensor is a one-wire sensor, with the engine block being ground. If the temperature sensor was reporting an incorrect temperature--due, for example, to having a bad ground--it's conceivable that the "missing when hot" symptom could result.

...though there are no other symptoms of poor grounding. *sigh* It's something to eliminate, though. All the other sensors have dedicated grounds.

* * *

...yeah, that's all I've got. I'm going back to bed.

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