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#2015: "Where my free shit?" Risible news for the well-informed!

Dick gets a laugh out of people who are wondering where to sign up for "the free Obama care", and I can't say I blame him.

You poor, poor fools. You actually thought someone was going to give you free health care?

* * *

Og talks about Jane Fonda.

Apparently Jane's trip to Hanoi and her shilling for the Viet Cong was just "right-wing propaganda". She never really posed with that anti-aircraft gun or anything.

Let me guess: that image was Photoshopped, right? In the 1960s, long before personal computers were anything other than a pipe dream?

* * *

Over at Eternity Road the Curmudgeon Emeritus goes into detail on a point I made mention of in 2008:

Democrats: "America is racist!"
Americans: "We elected a black President. STFU."

It's happening now.

Because it's been such an effective bludgeon in the past, though, the Democrats will cling to the charges of racism as a debate tool for quite some time to come. (Hell; they're still using talking points from the 1930s.)

I mean, here it is 2010, 15 months since George Bush left office, and the Democrats are still running against him and still casting as much blame on him as they possibly can.

* * *

I finally understand the difference between a universal joint and a constant velocity joint.

You'd think that two shafts coupled together with a u-joint would turn at the same speed, but no, apparently they do not. It's counterintuitive and weird, but they don't.

This explains many things I formerly found confusing about the construction and operation of drivelines which incorporate u-joints.

Two shafts joined with constant velocity joint, on the other hand, turn at the same speed regardless of the angle between them. Hence the name.

I know a lot about machines, but what I know is dwarfed by what I don't know.

* * *

I watched eps 16-20 of Lovely Complex yesterday before V came on.

Dare I say it? V has finally found its pace. There are still problems but I'm starting to get into it now. 6 eps in, and now it's starting to be an appealing story.

Problems: Erica's attitude towards her son is too much. The kid is 17; she treats him like a 10-year-old.

I'm sure I missed something: Ryan's woman is pregnant with a V-human hybrid, and the baby is sucking all the phosphorus out of her body, which will kill her. Only the Vs have the technology to concentrate...phosphorus? He had to go to the V ship to get phosphorus? And one little phial of it was enough?

After mating, V females eat their mates? I don't think we see this anywhere except the insect world. It's too wasteful. It would also mean (most likely) that no males would be educated or given responsibilites, because they're disposable. (Males would be foot soldiers at most.)

But if you put your brain in neutral and ignore all the gaping logical holes, it's entertaining enough.

As for LC, I again found myself laughing until I coughed my lungs out. It hurts, but I think it's actually helping me get better.

It's kind of unusual, but I don't normally like the main character of a series best. Example: in K-on! Yui is the main character but Mio is my favorite. In Hayate no Gotoku Hayate is the main character but Hinagiku is my favorite. LC is different: Risa Koizumi is the main character, and I like her best.

They do some odd things with the art, which was a turn-off the first time I saw the series. Now I've seen it some four times or so, and it makes me laugh when Risa makes this kind of face:


Dang is Lovely Complex good stuff.

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