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#2017: Is it incompetence or malice?

Victor Davis Hanson, "Thoughts on Allies Gone By"--a very good read.

"The Karzai Fiasco" at WSJ.

Obama's treatment of traditional allies--most notably Great Britain and Israel--is worrisome for many reasons.

Karzai is making noise about throwing in with the Taliban; exactly how does that further the interests of the US? Does that make us safer, or less safe?

Coming on the heels of the U.S. public chastisement of Israel's government, the larger concern over the Karzai episode is what it reveals about Mr. Obama's diplomatic frame of mind. With adversaries, he is willing to show inordinate patience, to the point of muffling his objections when opposition blood ran in the streets of Tehran. With allies, on the other hand, the President is unforgiving and insists they follow his lead or face his public wrath. The result will be that our foes fear us less, and that we have fewer friends.
Anyone who thinks this is a good idea is living in a fantasy land. Asking "What can they do about it?" misses the point: we live in a dangerous world, and playing idiotic dominance games with our allies is foolish and short-sighted.

Perhaps it would be easier to understand on a more personal level. If you have a dog, go and kick it right now. After all, what's the dog going to do about it? Refuse to eat the food you give it?

* * *

Iran is not going to knuckle under to "sanctions".

Well, hell, why would they? I need someone to point out to me the last time "sanctions" worked and actually got a would-be terrorist/dictator/despot to shape up, because I sure as hell can't remember an example of them ever working. They didn't work in Iraq. The blockade hasn't done squat about Castro. North Korea is dirt poor yet remains a nuclear-capable communist dictatorship.

Those are the ones I recall offhand, but I know there have been others.

The only thing that ends up happening when a country is under sanctions is the commonfolk of the country in question are made miserable; their leaders continue to live in posh comfort and nothing else changes. Sanctions don't do squat unless they're delivered by air and go "boom".

* * *

Yesterday I managed eps 16-19 of Lovely Complex before I couldn't stay awake any longer. But I managed some pretty decent sleep last night.

Sunday will make it four weeks that I've had this damn cold. But I'm slowly getting better...I think. I still lack endurance and my energy level is somewhere near my ankles.

Like right now, for example. I got up around 8-ish; the most strenuous thing I've done is to go get the newspaper from the bottom of the driveway, yet I am aching with fatigue and I know I'm going to end up sleeping for several more hours.

Well, it's called "sick" for a reason.

* * *

There was snow in today's forecast, but they changed it to "rain". Before Wednesday our weather was unseasonably warm; now it's closer to what it should be in the first week of April. But they're saying it'll warm up again by the weekend.

* * *

You know...why does the jalopy only miss below 2,000 RPM when warm? That bears thinking about.

* * *

I think it's been on the order of a decade since I listened to Basia's "Time and Tide" CD. Probably longer--I may have spun through it quickly around 2000 to see if any songs on it fit a project I was working on, but that doesn't count as a serious listen. So more than a decade, really.

So I'm listening to it and on comes a song I don't remember being on the disk, and shortly I realize why that is: the song sucks.

...only now its chorus is stuck in my head.

Basia is from Poland, I think, and she has an accent; so she sings,

"How dare you talk to me like that?
"If you're not careful, I'll get mad"

--yeah, art for the ages, they'll be talking about her and Mozart...but when she sings the last word of the second line it sounds like she's saying "If you're not careful, I'll get Matt!"

O no, please don't go get Matt.


That pic is a link to the Strong Bad e-mail I got the image from.

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