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#2022: I must be getting better; everything is pissing me off (anime fan service version)

As usual I've been reading Steven Den Beste's site. There are some NSFW pictures linked in that post, so be warned.

I thought animators are supposed to have a good grasp of anatomy; yet the upskirt shot makes an error which is increasingly common among anime with fan service.

Click on the following link to look at this NSFW image of Haruhi Suzumiya:

NSFW pic of Haruhi Suzumiya.

If you take a look at her derriere, you see that the artist has drawn her pubic mound in the wrong spot. The posterior extent of it is right in her anus, which is not how a real girl is put together. There is a space called the perineum between the anus and the terminus of the cleft.

The image in Steven's post is the same way: the pubic mound extends too far back.

Now look at this NSFW image of the girls from K-on!

NSFW pic of K-on! girls.

The intent is to show camel toe; instead they look like someone shoved peaches into their bikinis.

These are professional images, yet they're fricking wrong, and instead of being sexy they end up being gross.

Speaking as a male anime fan with no love life, the efforts animators put into this stuff are not unappreciated--but is it too much to ask that they get the damn appearance correct?

* * * Japan, of course, the pr0n is censored. No, it doesn't make any sense to me, either, but if you live in Japan and can only (for whatever reason) get Japanese pr0n, you don't see any detail when it comes to genitals: it's mosaiced. They put an electronic filter mask over the body part in question to defrangulate the optical properties of the pixelation reglator circuitry, resulting in a suboptimal viewing experience due to a vastly reduced data rate.

This is by way of saying that perhaps the animators can't get the references they need to correctly draw the fan service parts--but cripes, haven't these guys heard of the Internet?

* * *

I had something else I wanted to complain about, but I forgot what it was. I blame the panties.

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