atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2025: "Whether we like it or not"?

The Incompetent-Boob-in-Chief has done it again.

Our President is a jerkoff.

* * *

Unemployment had a "surge". The second paragraph:
There were 484,000 initial jobless claims filed in the week ended April 10, up 24,000 from an unrevised 460,000 the previous week, according to the Labor Department's weekly report.
Are we actually losing half a million jobs per week?

'Cause that's how it looks to me: 4/4-4/10, we lost 484,000 jobs, and in the week of 5/28-4/3 we lost 460,000.

Everyone has been couching this statistic in murky language, talking about tens of thousands lost per week and a "seasonal average", but no one has said, "we lost X many jobs in [Month]." In fact there has been a suspicious dearth of clear language on just what unemployment has been doing.

I don't see how it's possible; it's got to be bad writing. Because half a million jobs per week means two million jobs per month, and this nonsense has been going on long enough that....

...wait a second. Two million per month ain't beyond the pale. Not with U6 at 18%, it's not. And the four-week moving average is around 450,000.

Something is fishy here: either CNN really screwed up and got the facts utterly wrong, or this article is right and CNN really screwed up and reported the truth.

* * *

There is a downside to having your front suspension made entirely from carbon fiber and "just strong enough".

* * *

"Take the solid printer module out to the mare and print up another hab module. We've got company coming." I think I'll use this line of dialogue in a story.

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