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This evening I decided to hit McDonald's for some food, and I took the jalopy.

...I really, really wish someone would open a Wendy's in close proximity to that McDonald's. There are at least four prime places someone could put a Wendy's restaurant which would allow it to rake in the cash. *sigh* But I digress.

On a whim, I unplugged the O2 sensor: "Let's see how it runs in open-loop with a warm engine," I said to myself. It would mean looking at the "CHECK ENGINE" light but it might give me some new information.

I got some new information, all right. THE FREAKING "CHECK ENGINE" LIGHT NEVER CAME ON.

Subsequent checks lead me to believe that the check engine light has burned out. I may be wrong about this; I'll have to plug the code reader in and see what comes out--but the light is supposed to illuminate during the bulb test (when you first switch the ignition from "OFF" to "RUN") and it doesn't.

I checked this sometime in November or December. It worked then. Why it's not working now is beyond me, unless it somehow blew out in the intervening time. And if the "CHECK ENGINE" light (CEL) is burned out--

With the car running badly in closed loop but no CEL, I think about it being something other than the emissions control system. But if the CEL is burned out, there's no way for me to know when the computer has set a code or is trying to report a problem.

The thing could have been wonked up all along.

Well, I recall seeing the CEL once since I got the car on the road in March. And when I plugged the code reader into the harness, it illuminated then. So I guess I get to dig into the wiring harness next.

Oh, fun.

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