atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2027: All gang-related

There appears to be Yet Another Gang War going on in Chicago.

Gee, a Democrat stronghold with ultra-strict gun laws somehow has record gun violence. Color me surprised.

* * *

I had the sedan version of this car. It was even the same damn color.

Mine was a 412 and it was a 1974 car. Two doors. And not in that good a shape, let me tell you.

If I knew--in 1990--what I now know about fixing cars, and if I'd had the tools then that I have now, I'd still have the thing. Oh well.

* * *

Take a look at MSNBC defending Obama.

How many times did any news organiziation defend George W. Bush? I'll tell you: 0.00...0

Via the Anchoress.

* * *

Gas is $3.09 per gallon. Thanks, Democrats.

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