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#2031: I am so glad I 86ed McAfee

O boy am I glad. Nothing like an endless reboot which requires a manual fix to start your day!

If I had this problem, I could probably fix it. But then again, I used to fix computers for a living; there are a whole lot of people out there who would be completely helpless in the face of this issue.

Steven Den Beste is the same way. According to commentors there, though, it's not the home version which is affected by this bug, but the commercial version.

Way to go, McAfee. You suck.


In fact I just left my own comment there:
When I got this computer, it came with a 90-day McAfee license. When that license expired, I went to uninstall it, and discovered that I had to go to McAfee's web site to download the uninstall program.

...when I learned that, nothing in this universe could have convinced me to keep using McAfee or to use it ever again.

I've been using Avast! ever since. Perfectly happy with it.
* * *

This oil rig explosion injured and/or killed more people than the incident at Three Mile Island did.

* * *

The Obama administration is bent on telling another country how to conduct its internal affairs. It's not Iran, or North Korea, or even China; no, it's Israel, and Obama is telling them to roll over and play dead for the Palestinians.

* * *

If everything goes wrong and Obama gets re-elected, the Iranians will be able to nuke Washington, D.C. in 2015 and spare us the rest of his second term.

* * *

I think I want to move to Arizona. First off, they've got the least restrictive gun laws in the United States (no permit concealed carry!) and they're at the forefront of challenging the constitutionality of ObamaCare. Now this--taking a tough stance against illegal immigration.

Naturally the people who want us just to let anyone come right on in and start working, regardless of the law, think this is a terrible thing and must be stopped.

(Those people are almost all Democrats.)

* * *

Crist is off my list. (Heh, I am poet.) The guy's a RINO and if he gets the nod for 2012 I'm not casting my vote for President. I'll vote in other races but not that one. F it.

OTOH it looks like he's considering leaving the Republican party. Please do it, Mr. Crist, and raise the IQ of both parties. And don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you.

* * *

If we leave the Democrats with majorities in Congress, we will get the VAT. We won't get it this year--it's an election year--but if we let them continue to run things, we'll have it either next year, or 2013.

Do you really want to live with a European level of taxation? 'Cause gas will be $7 per gallon and a loaf of bread will be $4 and a Big Mac will be $6. Like that idea? I sure as hell don't.

Obamanomics will kill any economic growth which might get started any time in the next couple of years unless the Democrat regime is removed from power.

* * *

The future of health care in the United States looks like this. As long as ObamaCare is allowed to remain on the books, this kind of horror story is waiting in wings for all of us.

* * *

The left shows its racism. Again.

A "minstrel show" is when a white actor puts on makeup to make himself appear black, and then speaks and acts like a stereotypical black person. (Think Al Jolson doing "Mammy".) It's considered racist these days.

What is not considered racist these days is to label conservatives who are not white with racist labels. A black conservative is an "oreo", for example. That's not racist or anything; no. Not at all.

* * *

Speaking of the bigotry of the left I find it an interesting point which Dennis makes: Obama isn't bothering to conceal his contempt for gay activists.

The White House isn't planning to repeal "Don't Ask Don't Tell" and the gay community is upset.

...and again I have to ask them: what are you going to do about it? Vote Green? Voting for the Green Party is a waste of your vote, and you know it. Voting Green won't help you any more than voting for Obama helped you.

The Democrats know this. They know they can count on your vote; they know they can say or do whatever the hell is politically expedient for them, and that--regardless!--come election time, you will vote for them. You don't have a choice.

* * *

Oh please let this be the end of that annoying gecko. The actor got fired because he left this message on the answering machine of a conservative organization:
I just need to know what the percentages of people who are mentally retarded are who work for the organization... and also what your plans are for when one of your members actually kills somebody.
Well, pal, you can start by counting yourself.

Here's a tip to people who make their money in the public eye: shut up.

Keep your opinions to yourself. Just because you think X does not mean it's a natural law; and bear in mind that half of the people you speak to in your job believe the opposite of X, and they have money too that they spend on things. If you get them pissed off enough, they can easily take their business to another company which does not employ you.

The number of actors who can get away with this kind of idiocy is vanishingly small. Okay, the cast of Seinfeld was able to demand a huge raise when they learned how much NBC was making on commercial time, but the guy who does the voiceover for an animated lizard is not in that class of actor.

So keep your opinions to yourself, and keep on making money. When you're in your 60s and you've retired, maybe then you can start spewing your liberal fucktard opinions.

Until then, shut up.

* * *

Performance reviews should be done away with. I don't know about that. Every performance review I got at Target was practically luminous. I never worried about getting a bad review, nor did it lower my morale or my productivity.

...then again, I worked my ass off and everyone knew it.

It's a shame that my consistent good record didn't do squat to protect me against one bad boss.

* * *

The Naked Communism of Earth Day. A good read.

The picture contains some idiots holding a banner: "Save the planet: kill yourself". You first, pal.

* * *

This sums my own attitude quite nicely, except that there's too much of the green part:

funny graphs and charts

* * *

Another brilliant XKCD today:

I'm pretty sure this is the wiring diagram for a 1977 MGB.

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