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#2034: I didn't know where else to start.

So, I'm starting with Big Dick today. In any case I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments he expresses in this NSFW post.

...I really, really do not want to know WTF is going on in that picture.

* * *

Time for McCain to retire. Yes, I voted for McCain in the last election. No, he was decidedly not my choice for the GOP nomination. No, I probably won't hold my nose to vote for another liberal Republican.

* * *

Happy Birthday Wonderduck. I'm linking this because of the excellent video he embedded.

...when you're testing, I don't know, a rocket engine, it might be a good idea to anchor your freaking test stand. You know?

* * *

Dumbass kid, 100 MPH, dead. ...sailed his car into a fourth-floor apartment.

There are very few cars for sale in North America which cannot hit 100 MPH if the driver so desires.

* * *

Liberals are starting to understand just who it is they elected. The man has no spine and will not stand up for anything. "Health care"? Obama risked nothing on the passage of ObamaCare. He's not up for reelection until 2012. He may lose his majorities in both houses of Congress but he will still be President.

* * *

Democrats promise to reduce the deficit...eventually. They promise to reduce it to around $545 billion, which is a mere $90 billion more than the largest deficit ever before Obama took office.

Notice please that the method of deficit reduction is not specified. Count on it being "tax increases up the wazoo."

Anyway, I'll believe in a Democrat regime which reduces the deficit when I actually see it happen.

* * *

Cue the inevitable: "There was a surplus under Clinton!" It wasn't anything Clinton did. It was the 1994 GOP revolution in Congress which did that.

It is not a coincidence that the $455 billion deficit of 2008 neatly coincided with the Democrat seizure of Congress after the 2006 elections. The 2008 budget was written by a Democrat-ruled Congress; the 2007 deficit was 1/3 of the 2008 deficit.

"Millions face tax increases." Cutting spending is anathema to Democrats. (It's anathema to plenty of Republicans, too. Too many. Vote the bitches out.)

* * *

"...[W]e're heading into a decade-long economic buzz saw." Democrat predictions of lower deficits also rely in part on an economic recovery which may not be coming--and which will probably not be as robust as the Democrats expect (hope) it will be.

Why? There's no incentive for it. Look: taxes are at an all-time high already. We've got the further drain of ObamaCare. The administration is floating trial balloons for instituting a value-added tax (VAT) which will further strangle the economy; and let's not forget that Obama himself promised that he would act to throttle the energy industry in order to save the world from global warming, making energy cost much more just when our economy can least afford another strain.

Unemployment is sitting at levels we haven't seen since the Great Depression. Several countries are on the verge of a socialist collapse of their economies. The countries which aren't on the verge are either not doing well, or--as is the case with the United States--actively positioning themselves to undergo just such a collapse.

One domino falling is all that it'll take for the whole mess to come tumbling down. A significant hike in oil prices; a first-world country defaulting on its debt; a sudden sell-off in debt instruments--and these are just the things that come to mind right now, without deep thought, from a person who really knows very little about the intricacies of international economics. We are holding on by the skin of our teeth; we are still in recession, though the official statistics do not say that, and it will take very little indeed for us to go over the edge into a full-fledged depression.

* * *

Food and energy cost more. Their wholesale prices "rose more than expected".

Why don't we get some good economists to replace these guys who don't see any damn thing coming?

* * *

Meanwhile, teachers unions want a state tax increase in Illinois.

The television news reports made this rally sound like a huge spontaneous grassroots demonstration, but in fact it was a union rally all the way, and it was obvious from all the people wearing the same shirts and hats.

We're already taxed out the wazoo, and these people want more taxes.

The headline of the Chicago Sun-Times the other day bemoaned the fact that certain state worker union pension plans faced bankruptcy unless some way was found to fund them. You know what? I don't care.

You know what happens in private industry if a pension plan goes bankrupt? The people in the plan get whatever they can and have to make do. But not a government plan; no. No, they just raise taxes on everyone else (including people with private pensions) to pay for it.

No one ever asks how the citizens will afford tax increases. I'm sick of that.

* * *

This is what responsible government looks like. The state of New Jersey has a budget shortfall; their new governor is cutting spending. Presto, no shortfall.
Challenging teachers unions to live up to their cloying "it's really about the kids" rhetoric, he has told them to choose between a pay freeze and job cuts. Validating his criticism by their response to it, some Bergen County teachers encouraged students to cut classes and go to the football field to protest his policies, and a Bridgewater high school teacher showed students a union-made video critical of him. Christie notes that the $550,000 salary of the executive director of the teachers union is larger than the total cuts proposed for 190 of the state's 605 school districts.
Teachers' unions are never "about the kids". Teachers' unions are all about money and power, the same way all unions are.

No union ever gave a rat's ass about the quality of the product turned out by the union workers. You're never going to see a union boss saying, "We don't deserve a raise, because the work we do is shit." It has nothing to do with output. Why do we think teachers' unions are any different?

Teachers' unions love to cloak themselves in the noble mantle of the career educator, but in fact all they do is what unions always do: legalized extortion.

* * *

Another reason for me to move to Arizona. The state is getting serious about illegal immigration.

The federal government, of course, will step in and put a stop to it. We can't have the states do a better job of enforcing immmigration law than the federal government is doing!

The de facto "open borders" policies of the federal government drive me batshit insane, which is why I normally try not to think about it too much. And it's not limited to the Democrat party, either, which makes me even more nuts. (I've already got chronic anxiety; I don't need to be worse!)

* * *

If this is true, it's significant.

Let me see if I understand this: certain vaccines are manufactured using fetal stem cells (the "aborted fetuses" the article mentions) and there is a potential causal link between these vaccines and autism. Do I understand that? might also explain the incredible rise in the number of kids with peanut allergies. Certainly it's not random chance. (Anecdote: no adults in my family have allergies to peanuts. All of my brother's kids are allergic to peanuts. No adults in his wife's family have allergies to peanuts either.)

* * *

Worried about a fungal infection? Sounds great. I doubt this is what's laid me low for the past two months as I don't live in Oregon.

* * *

Last night I did a search for pictures of Yuki Nagato, because I've decided she is teh hawt. Considering that she's an alien construct the conventional rules about age don't really apply. (Besides, after "Endless Eight" she's about 600 years old to boot.)

I found Sankaku Complex (WARNING NSFW IMAGES THERE) which has tons of pics from all sorts of series. So besides a ton of great Yuki pics, I got some nice images of Ruiko Saten, including this one:

...and I'm going to have to go back to look for pics of Hinagiku (from Hayate no Gotoku) and some other favorites of mine.

Oh, Yuki:

I mean, is that awesome or what??

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