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#2040: My cat likes General Tao's Chicken.

She's crouched over my empty dish, licking up the sauce. Sweet and spicy sauce. WTF.

I don't generally let her have food that's likely to have onion and garlic in it (or the oils thereof) because those kinds of vegetables are bad for cats. But there she is, happily lapping up the sauce, and eating the little leftover bits of vegetable and noodle. (The noodles and veg are from pancit guisado, which was the other half of tonight's dinner.)

Luna is a biting cat, and in her younger days I tried to discourage that behavior by dabbing a bit of Tobasco on her nose whenever she would bite me. It apparently has inured her to mildly spicy foods.

Pity it had no effect whatsoever on the biting.

* * *

Windmills in Nantucket! Ha ha ha ha ha, take that, econazis! Take that, millionaire socialists!
A proposed wind-farm that liberal faux-environmentalist elites on the east coast have fought for the better part of a decade — because it would look so much better in your backyard instead of theirs — got the go-ahead today from the Obama administration.

* * *

Homeowners associations are of the devil. I'm not kidding. The people who run them are typically little dictators. If I can at all avoid living in an area run by one, I will.

If a home has been foreclosed on, it means the prior owner did not live up to his obligations. The "back dues" for that house are his problem, not the problem of tne new owner.

* * *

This article contains an interesting definition of child pr0n: "If the child doesn’t want it, is neutral or ambiguous, it’s inappropriate."

Child pr0n is illegal because it's very easy for an adult to manipulate a child. Remember the case about a decade ago where an innocent day care owner was convicted on multiple counts of child sexual abuse? Remember how the case turned out to be based entirely on events which never actually took place?

Adult-child sex (and pornography involving children) is illegal precisely because of that: children are wired to trust adults. That's why we have to teach our children not to talk to strangers, not to take candy from them, get in their cars, etc, etc--children tend to trust and believe what adults tell them, and some adults will abuse that tendency in order to get the kids to behave the way they want them to.

That's why the law is unconditional. The adult has to be responsible precisely because the child cannot.

On the flipside, however, is the hysterical overreaction that all such images, regardless of source, must be illegal. Meaning that drawings, too, must be made illegal, lest children somehow be harmed. I'm sorry; I don't buy that.

The purpose of the law is to prevent harm to children. If some guy draws a cartoon, no actual children are harmed. No one's convinced a child to disrobe or do anything; he's simply applied pen to paper in order to generate an image depicting it.

The images at the Wikimedia page are all drawings; there are no photographs. The drawings are old, too, from a time when the age of majority was considerably lower than it is now. I think this is a tempest in a teapot.

* * *

The short answer is "no". We're not prepared for a nuke attack, not the kind which we are most likely to suffer: a terrorist cell bringing in a nuke which was made in Russia and sold on the international black market. (You think Russia actually accounted for all their warheads? When you had people selling tanks? They said their bombs are all accounted for, but are they?)

Or--if Iran is allowed to continue--how about an islamic bomb? How about one made in North Korea? Or perhaps even China? Do you trust China enough to believe they wouldn't sell nukes to someone in order to garner favor and/or take the US down a peg?

With the borders wide open, any sufficiently motivated person could walk the components across piecemeal and assemble the thing after it was in the country. The fissionables would weigh the most, particularly if they were carried in lead containers to shield the person carrying them. (In the name of operational security, at least, so Jose Mule doesn't show up in a hospital with the symptoms of radiation poisoning, leading the authorities to wonder why and how...)

My nightmare scenario is a man-portable device affixed to the top of Sears Willis Tower. It gives an elevation of about 1/4 mile, effectively increasing the range of the bomb and spreadig destruction over a broader area.

In fact it need not actually be "man-portable" as long as you can assemble the thing on-site. A couple of guys in the right uniforms could probably look like HVAC techs and get access to the roof, where a couple of them would futz with the air movers while the other two assembled the bomb. They wouldn't even have to die: just set a timer and walk away. They could be on airplanes bound for anywhere long before the thing went off.

Maybe leave one guy behind with a gun and a remote trigger, so if the bomb is discovered he can set it off. Islam has no dearth of fanatics who would be proud to do this.

* * *

Another take on the "vaccines with human stem cells may cause autism" story.

* * *

Michelle Malkin tells us how Mexico treats illegal aliens. Why don't we adopt the Mexican method here? Surely the government of Mexico couldn't object to that, could they?

...oh, wait, I see: Mexico does its best to keep illegal aliens out of Mexico. Oh. So Mexico does one thing inside its borders while insisting that the US do the opposite. Hmm.

* * *

Here's another laugh: Michael Mann is going to sue. The guy who basically made up the hockey stick graph is going to sue the people who made the "Hide the Decline" video.

* * *

I disagree with Boortz when he says, "Obama knows that the press is going to hold him accountable for his promises not to raise taxes." I don't think the press is going to hold him accountable for that. They certainly have not held him accountable for any of the other campaign promises he broke. What about "don't ask don't tell"? The press is going out of its way not to mention the homosexual activists who protested his abandonment of the issue, and that's only the most recent one I can think of.

The Anchoress knows what I'm talking about.

And there are going to be tax increases, especially if we let the Democrat regime continue to control Congress. If the American people leave the Democrats with anything remotely resembling control of Congress, we're going to get tax increases, lots of them.

And the economy is going to be in the shitter ad infinitum.

* * *

Boortz quotes someone else who attempts to dispell the lefty myths about Arizona's new immigration law.

The law merely gives Arizona cops the ability to enforce the federal immigration statutes. That's all. These are laws which are aleady on the books and which are not enforced by the federal government, except at random (and usually only in the case of eastern European or asian illegals).

* * *

Random bits:

My BakaBT ratio has begun to suck again. I'm DLing stuff too fast.


Today was a nice day. I slept through it. :(


After licking the plate almost clean of General Tao's Chicken residue, now the cat is all flopped out on my rocking chair.


Ormus hit 59th level last night. I actually did some grinding in Hellfire Peninsula to get him to 58th.

You're not supposed to be able to get to Outland before 58th level--the portals won't work before that--but the portal from Dalaran to Shattrath doesn't check your level. I bought a 'port to Dal and set my hearth there, and then tried the portal to Shatt--and was surprised that it worked. Yay.

So Ormus ran around killing boars and was soon hitting 58th. And last night he hit 59th after I ran some quests in the Western Plaguelands. It won't be long before he's 60th and getting his flying mount.

It turns out that if you have an 80th level character there's a book you can obtain which is "bind to account". It allows the acquisition of cold weather flying at 68th level, so you can mail it to your alts as they reach 68th so they, too, can fly in Northrend. I bet it costs a lot of money....

* * *

New volume of Yotsuba&!, #8, will be released on the 30th. Next week I'll probably put in an order to Robert's and get vols 6-8 sent to me. Heh.

I need my fix of Lovely Fuuka, after all.

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