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#2041: Science experiment time!

Take a 16 oz tumbler and fill it with ice cubes. Then add water until the water level is even with the top of the glass, until you can't get any more in.

Let it sit until the ice cubes melt.

...mirabile visu the water will never run over the edge of the glass. If it's humid you will get condensation on the outside of the glass, but the water which is within the glass won't escape.

It looks as though climate scientists have finally figured this out. They finally realized that if all the ice which is floating on the sea melts, it won't change sea level. That includes the north polar ice cap, I might add, which is why we haven't seen a sea level change from the many times it has melted off. (Like in the 1950s.)

The reporter who wrote the article has apparently never done that experiment: "If all the floating ice in the world melted it would cause sea levels to rise by just 4cm."

You see, ice is less dense than water; that's why it floats. Water is one of the few materials which gets less dense as it freezes. The maximum density of water occurs at about 4°C; after that it starts to decrease again.

Ice which is totally afloat is displacing more water than it contains, just by virtue of its density being lower. So if all the floating ice in the world melted right now, there would be no increase in sea levels because of it. It's just not physically possible.

* * *

This is reason enough by itself not to buy anything from Apple: "...[I]n Apple's view, you don't buy something from Steve Jobs' company so much as you rent it with their gracious permission."

Someone is going to come along and make something like the iPhone and iPad which will have an open architecture, and which will totally blow them away. All it takes is time.

I'm reminded of the late 1980s, after the Macintosh came out. Apple began suing anyone who even came close to the Mac OS in "look and feel". It was all they had; there are a myriad of ways to program an operating system and you can't patent all of them, so all Apple could do was to point their lawyers at someone and scream, "That looks like our OS!" Atari had to delay the release of the 520 and 1040 ST computers because of that: not only did they operate much like Macs, but they were faster. Apple fired up its legal staff and Atari ended up having to revise TOS to avoid the lawsuit.

So once someone comes up with serious competition for the iPhone and iPad, expect Apple to again level "look and feel" lawsuits against those companies. Especially if the hardware and software are better than Apple's.

* * *

There is one reason to make Puerto Rico a 51st state now: the limit, in the Constitution, on the number of Representatives in the House of Representatives. (What is it, 435?) There can be no more unless the Constitution is amended to allow more.

Someone will have to lose their representative(s) so that the State of Puerto Rico will get its fair share. Perhaps the less-populated areas of big states, like California or New York or Texas. (Which, coincidentally enough, typically lean Republican.) (No, it's not actually a coincidence.) All the districts will have to be redrawn, of course, and losing a couple representatives in less-populated areas means extending the coverage of representatives from more densely populated areas.

...thus converting a Republican seat into a Democrat seat, of course. And effectively preventing the voters from those Republican areas from electing another Republican.

(This is, by the way, the same reason they want statehood for D.C.)

Puerto Rico will lean left, so it's guaranteed always to elect Democrats.

This one says 60 Republicans voted for it. Who are they? Vote their asses out.

Boortz' post points out the downsides for P.R. though: if they become a state, they lose their untaxed status, they lose their free ride on the US welfare rolls, and they have to start taking responsibility for a great many things that, right now, they don't have to worry about.

Residents of PR will have the opportunity to choose the status quo or to make a change. If they decide to make a change, then another referendum will decide between statehood or independence.

* * *

See this? Mexico apparently abuses the hell out of central Americans who are trying to get to the US. Enough that Amnesty International is making a stink out of it, and those guys almost never make a stink out of politically correct human rights abuses. (You know, the ones committed by Cuba and Venezuela and....)

* * *

That's the whole point, guys. Illegals, "day laborers", are going to leave Arizona because of Arizona's new commitment to enforcing the law. And that's what it's supposed to do; get them to leave on their own.

We don't need to deport all illegals; all we need to do is to enforce the immigration laws which are already on the books and they'll self-deport: discovering they can no longer get work here, they'll go back to wherever they came from.

Look, I'm always reading Fred and he says Mexico is a great place to live and work. He frequently writes columns which attempt to dispell "gringo myths" about Mexico--his most recent on the Mexican health system--and he makes it sound like there's plenty of work and opportunity there.

It's not that these people can't find word in Mexico; it's that America offers the opportunity for someone to make more money than he can in Mexico. That's the draw. If we simply enforce the extant immigration laws, these people will go back to Mexico, find jobs, and work there, and no one is going to starve to death or catch some horrible disease and die because he couldn't get health care.

The open-borders lobby would like us to believe that these people can't find work in Mexico, that they're fleeing poverty and disease; but it's not so. Illegal immigrants are here because the risk is worth the reward, because they can make so much more money here than they can at home.

Unfortunately, it's costing the taxpayers of the United States a fortune to support these people; they use social services and pay little or no taxes. And they're breaking the law by being here.

* * *

Someone at the NYT screwed up and printed an op-ed by someone who actually knows what he's talking about vis-a-vis the Arizona immigration law.

* * *

Got a tan? Get arrested! Well, if you're a woman in the gloriously free and egalitarian country of Iran, that is!

* * *

Meanwhile our President is seeking to soften sanctions on Iran under the theory that if we're really really nice to evil dictators, they won't hurt us.

Yeah. Remember I said I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for strong and decisive action on Iran's quest for atomic weapons? Told you.

...and who does he want to soften the sanctions for? Why, his old buddies, Russia and China!

* * *

It looks as if Greece is getting worse.

"Worse" how? Other than the increase in its debt due to the lowering of its credit rating?

Spain is beginning to go.

Four countries, the PIGS: Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Spain. G is sinking and S has just hit the iceberg. Who's next?

* * *

Us? Scott Angell thinks the financial reform bill will start an inflationary cycle the likes of which we haven't seen since 1979 and perhaps ever.

* * *

While you're over there at Eternity Road, take a look at #4 in this post.

* * *

Al Gore--who says you and your lifestyle spew too much carbon dioxide--has a brand new seaside mansion costing almost nine million dollars.

Hypocrite much? on the same story.

* * *

Barak Hussein Obama takes it upon himself to decide when and where you have made enough money.

Arrogant prick.

* * *

Read Breda's post. Police called out the jackbooted thug squad on violent protestors.

Read all the links. Then go look up the meaning of the word "irony".

* * *

Fellow gunbloggers the Atomic Nerds review Avatar:

LabRat. "...I am about to take it spleen-bustingly seriously."

Stingray. "There is not enough fucking “pretty” in the universe to make this reject from the cutting room worth watching."

Thanks for falling on that there grenade, soldiers. You've saved everyone else in the platoon.

* * *

How about taking 17 minutes to parallel park a car? But I give her bonus points for not hitting the cars on either side of the spot she was trying to get into.

* * *

This is linked rather than embedded due to NSFW words.

Small wonder that "Walter" needs Preparation H when he's getting an "XL/BLACK" buttplug. That there is an "output only" port and if you stick foreign obects in it--particularly habitually--sooner or later you will need the services of a proctologist.

* * *

Ultimate Tuna Salad:

one can of tuna
diced onion to taste (3/8" thick slice from a 2" diameter onion)
diced pickle to taste (about half a medium-sized pickle)
celery to taste (about 1 stalk)
2 hard-boiled eggs, chopped
1 tsp mustard relish
enough Kraft Sandwich Spread to cover and bind the components

...if you have some leftover chicken, you can dice that in, too. With the smaller size can of tuna it'll make about 3-4 sandwiches and your mouth will love you for the rest of your life.

Extra points: bacon bits.

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