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#204: Gravion, the view from the refrigerator.

The title of this thread refers to things which seem fine while you are watching them; but once you go to the refrigerator for a snack or drink you think, "Hey, wait a minute...."

The Paul Verhoeven version of Starship Troopers fit that definition, in its entirety. The entire movie was one long "refrigerator moment"--there was so much wrong with it (even discounting the massive divergence from Heinlein's story) that I wouldn't even know where to start on a simple summary of it. I saw the movie once in the theater and never saw it again. 'Nuff said.

As for Gravion, after five episodes, I've found that the series really is not that bad. Yes, I still have to stop playback in order to gawk at Mizuki's enormous breasts--they're like a really bad wreck on the freeway--but I am starting to understand and enjoy the story a bit more than at first glance.

I found the action kind of hard to follow; but now I see that since the transform-and-assemble sequence for the Gravion is an animation "bank", repetition has led to understanding. And, I might add, they were cutting out some of the parts in the first couple of episodes since Leele had not yet been introduced.

Gravion is not going to be one of my all-time favorite series--I am not enjoying it as much as I enjoyed most of Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden--but I'm starting to feel as if maybe the $8 I spent on acquiring it was actually not a bad investment.

Everything I said in my first post on the series is still valid, but by episode 5 they have shown us a little of the characters and how they interact, and overall the chemistry they develop is pretty decent.

I keep thinking that if Mizuki's breasts were like half the size they are, she'd still be the bustiest character in anime but at least look human. If they were about a quarter as big as they are, she'd be "hot damn!" sexy. As it is, her fighter doesn't need any kind of crash protection for her, because her breasts take the place of both air bags and personal flotation device.

Because the enemy ailens, the Zeravire, evolve, the writers have to keep coming up with new "ultimate weapons" for the Gravion. So far there has been the "Graviton Punch", "Graviton Sword", "Graviton Crescent", and an attack I can't remember the name of--"Graviton" something-or-other, where a beam comes out of the big "jewel" on Gravion's chest. That's four hissatsu waza ("ultimate attack") for five battles--and really the first two battles were against one alien, so there was no opportunity for any evolving to take place. The first alien did evolve a bit but the crew of the Gravion had not yet used the "Graviton"-something-or-other attack, which was the first "final attack" they used.

How many hissatsu waza can the Gravion have?

There are no surprises in this series; it's a basic re-hash of the transforming-and-combining mech series. Gatchaman, Voltron, what-have-you, it's all been done before. But it does have some basic entertainment value to it and I'm finding myself looking forward to seeing the rest of it.

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