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#2042: Goddamned bastard hacker jerkoffs

Some bastard hacked the account of one of the officers of the Emerald Knights, which is the guild most of my WoW characters are in.

Torgilgrimm is not in that guild--he's the GM for Zaga Kek LLC, my vanity guild--and a couple others are not. But most of them are.

Or were, rather. Because last night some bastard logged on, cleaned out the guild bank, and deleted both guild and the characters of the person whose account was hacked.

The guild bank was a full 5-tab bank and it had about 6,400 GP in it as well as all sorts of really valuable equipment and supplies. All the money, equipment, and supplies are gone.

The person who got hacked logged out, saying she was tired; and I saw a little while later that she'd logged back in. I didn't say anything ("Hey, I thought you went to bed?") and I regret not doing so--but if I had discovered the theft in progress, what could I have possibly done about it?

*sigh* Rot in hell, you bastard.

* * *

That TEA party which got a visit from the riot squad? Apparently there were snipers.

Welcome to the police state of America!

* * *

NO NO NO NO NO AND REPEAT NO. No national ID card, particularly not one keyed to biometric data. It's a perfect way for the government to keep tabs on you and control you.

We don't need this to fix the illegal immigration problem. All we need to do to fix the illegal immigration problem is to enforce the laws which are already on the books--as they are trying to do in Arizona--and the problem will be solved.

* * *

Economically unnecessary boondoggle fails an audit. If high-speed rail were really necessary, we would have it already.

The same way we don't have windmills all over the place because they're not economically viable, you know.

* * *

So a scant few weeks after Obama says we're going to start drilling (yeah, right) an offshore oil platform blows the fuck up and leaks more oil than Exxon Valdez.

Obama halts offshore drilling.

No drilling for you!

Og: "Oil platforms are dangerous places, but only a stunning disregard for safety rules and a concerted effort NOT to be safe could cause anything like the kind of troubles they had.

* * *

Obama made $5 million last year so apparently that isn't "enough money".

But perhaps it's "enough" (or even "too much") if it's you or me or anyone who doesn't have a "(D)" after his name.

Boortz also discusses the deadline for states opting out of "high-risk pools". Democrats blame Republicans.

Republican input to ObamaCare: zilch
Republican votes for ObamaCare: zero
Republican responsibility for problems caused by ObamaCare: nada

* * *

Leonidas (I finally figured out what those greek letters read!) over at Eternity Road teaches us something very, very interesting about immgration law.

I won't spoil it; go read it.

* * *

Michelle Malkin says she would love to see all the criminal aliens head for San Francisco. "Tear down the sanctuary," she says, "and they will leave."

No deportation required. Just make it much harder for them to find work here, and they'll leave all on their own. Stop coddling people and corporations who hire illegals knowing they are illegals; arrest and fine (and jail?) those people.

* * *

Plenty of snark in this article about Jon Stewart.

I'm tired of liberals crooning about how other liberals are "so brave" for taking on the things liberals always take on. This isn't 1965 and the "establishment" is made up of former hippies. It's not "brave" to take on Fox News. The bravery is at Fox News, standing up to the Big Media Machine (CBS NBC ABC NYT CNN) and reporting aspects of the stories the others don't, reporting them in a more balanced fashion.

* * *

Where were the police when this was happening? How long would it have taken them to get to that parking lot had he called them?

* * *

I don't know where Big Dick got this image but I laughed out loud at it. Particularly:
"Girl I'm telling you, you got these Denver hoes beat like a mutherRocker half of them are chicken heads With flat ass Booties ON the Real you Need to School them and Give them some tips on how to make they shit Grow
SIC, I tells you. SIC.

And people say romance is dead.

* * *

I know just how he feels. Really, I do. NSFW language, but God, there are times when I really, really, REALLY want to do this to some people.


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