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#2046: The Mohammed Image Archive!

Zombietime links to a post about his own image archive.

Bonus points for "Extreme Mohammed". LOL but NSFW, so be careful.

I love the inclusion of the islamic hate mail.

* * *

Because I'm an idiot, I didn't get the grass cut this past week. Saturday the grass was soggy wet from the rain Friday night; and it's been raining on and off all night, so it'll be even soggier today--and it's going to grow. I bet I could measure it now, and measure it again at noon, and find that it grew an appreciable length in that time.

I managed to get Mom's pepper planter moved outside yesterday morning. It's this special deal which is designed to let you start plants indoors, and it's been sitting under a grow light since she got it assembled and the plants in. Now that it's outside, though, it's going to get real sunlight, and I expect the plants will do even better.

I really hope we're going to have some home-grown green peppers this year. We tried a hanging planter last year (one of those upside-down deals) and it was made of FAIL. We got one small pepper from it. It tasted good, but c'mon.

* * *

I'm thinking about a gas-powered weed trimmer. I detest electrical yard tools; you have to futz around with the stupid extension cord and it gets tangled and hung up on goddamned everything, and then you go to do that last little bit over there and it unplugs at the socket so you have to hike ALL THE FREAKING WAY BACK TO PLUG THE BITCH IN AGAIN AND JUST AS YOU PICK THE TRIMMER BACK UP THE THING FALLS OUT OF THE SOCKET AGAIN AND WTF!!!!

*pant* *wheeze*

...yes, I'm talking from personal experience. It'll be about $100 for a gas trimmer because I don't need a huge tree-cutting nuclear-powered weed whacker or anything. Just powerful enough so I can trim the edges of the whole yard without the DAMN EXTENSION CORD---

I've also got to get after the flower bed on the north side of the driveway. I plan to weed and mulch it. (We have two piles of nice maple and elm mulch left over from stump removal, after having those two trees removed last autumn.) Maybe find some perennials to plant there.

Right now it looks like ass. *sigh*

AND I still have the jalopy work to finish--find the reason for the stumble, and fix it.

* * *

My BakaBT ratio is over 0.25 again, finally. I'm going to let it keep churning.

* * *

Can you believe it's May already? Soon it'll be time for the Danica! Patrick! 500.

Speaking of which, I saw a stupid GoDaddy commerical with her in it. She was visiting her grandparents, and her grandmother had used GoDaddy to set up a "store", and one of the items she was selling was graddad's golf clubs, because "I need bingo money!"

I said, "Well, she's sure not getting any from her granddaughter, since she's only won one race in her pro career."

Mom didn't get it. *sigh*

* * *

I've just about finished rereading Yotsuba&! from the beginning. I'm hoping to order books 6-8 Monday. Of course, it'll be a week before I see them, and I'll probably end up starting from the beginning again. Fortunately it's well worth the effort. It's damn good.

Azuma manages to convey realistic situations very well in this series. Cleaning fish; Fuuka's heartbreak; the awkward scene when Yotsuba thinks Koiwai promised to take her to the beach and invites Fuuka and Ena. (In fact, Yotsuba's reaction to "Hanako the Eyeball" was dead solid perfect.) It's really a "slice of life" series.

The other nice thing is that his characters don't wear the same thing twice. (Or at least not twice in a row.) You see characters wearing different clothes all the time. Fuuka has more than one set of pajamas, for example. This is atypical for manga series: usually there's one outfit per character, perhaps two or three at most.

It always kind of bothers me that Yuki Nagato (Haruhi) is almost always wearing her school uniform. There is one time she's wearing something other than that or a swimsuit in the entire series: when they go to the island villa. Otherwise, she's always wearing that North High uniform.

I'm guilty of this too, but I'm a straight guy: I know nothing about clothing.

* * *

In WoW it's "Childrens' Week" and Ormus has already completed the ophan quests in Stormwind and Shattrath. As I recall they repeat; I'm going to do the Shatt one 3x in order to get the achievement for getting all three of the pets from there.

The SW orphan is a human boy; the Shatt orphan is a Draenei girl. There's also a matron in Dalaran but Ormus isn't high enough level to get any of those quests. Maybe I'll try it with Amaleni.

* * *

Due to circumstances, I haven't watched FlashForward, Smallville, or Doctor Who yet. *sigh* Taped them all, but haven't watched them; and I'm probably going to set the VCR to record the car shows too.

Sunday night is probably going to be VCR night.

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