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#2048: Bad Lyrics

The opening theme for Big O suffers from being too heavly influenced by the Queen soundtrack for the Flash Gordon movie made in the early 1980s.

Here is 90% of the lyrics to the song:

"Big O! Big O, Big O, Big O!"

The bridge of the song is a little more complex:

"Cast in the name of God
"Ye not guilty
"We have danger!
"Get Big O!"


You know, the rest of the music in the series is really good stuff. But the OP and ED themes are crap. Oh well.

* * *

"Obama's Katrina: an Illustrated Time Line."

I'm not saying it's Obama's fault.

* * *

Speaking of Katrina, now that Ray Nagin is about to leave office, now suddenly we learn that it wasn't Bush's fault after all, but Ray Nagin's fault:
Everything was Bush's fault when he was in the WH. Now, when it comes to FEMA, it's just the bureaucracy, stupid. But with the New Orlean's recovery still failing, someone has to get the blame. And it won't be the Obama administration. Besides, he's leaving office. So, Ray Nagin has out-lived his useful uselessness.
Of course!

* * *

I suppose I should be glad the feds are finally realizing the failed car bomb in Times Square was indeed a terror attempt, even if it wasn't islamic in origin.

Michelle Malkin has the info here.

* * *

But they were speeding, weren't they? I mean, if you've got people going 76 in a 55 zone, that's speeding, isn't it? And one of the guys did illegally have a radar detector.

What, because this was a convoy for charity they should be exempt from the law? Because it was a charity drive, the cops are assholes for checking to make sure the drivers were obeying the law?

Sorry: the cops did nothing wrong here. I have no sympathy for these guys. If you don't like getting speeding tickets, drive the speed limit.

* * *

Mark Steyn is a good read, as always. Whenever Limbaugh has a guest host, I shut the radio off...unless it's Mark Steyn. That's how good he is.

* * *

Mexican scofflaws promise to continue to break the law.

I like how the complaint is "racism". Yeah, it's really racist for Arizona to decide to make state laws which are exactly the same as federal immigration laws.

The difference is, the feds aren't going to enforce them, and everyone knows it. These people are worried that Arizona will enforce its laws.

...I'm going to stop thinking about this before I get heartburn.

* * *

How the hell do you lose control of a satellite which is still functioning?

The article hazards the guess that a solar flare zorched its flight control hardware. Anyway, despite the fact that it's transmitting and receiving signals as normal, they can't make the thing maneuver and they can't get it to respond to commands, so it's drifted out of its orbit and is wandering the Clarke belt, making trouble.

This article gives us the Fungus word for the day: "Zombiesat".

* * *

A 35-lb aluminum ladder (bent beyond repair) fetches about $12 at the recycler. I had to strap it to the roof of the Jeep to get it there, but at least it's out of the back yard. Finally. Mom's only wanted it gone for a couple of years.

I cut the grass today, finally, too. At least ours wasn't the last house in the neighborhood to do it.

* * *

Schwartzwald--Michael Seebach--is a great villain. Big O could have benefitted from giving him a more prominent role; but as of the most recent ep we're told he's dead. Argh etc. And we've got this harlequin-like dude, what's-his-name, Alan Gabriel (?), who doesn't hold a candle to Schwartzwald. He's in the employ of Paradigm Corp's bigwig, whose name escapes me at the moment, and obeys his orders, so he's clearly not nearly as cracked as Schwartzwald was.

* * *

I slept like a load of lumber last night. I also had a dream which was clearly the Bollywood version of the Hong Kong version of the Hollywood version of the Paul Verhoeven version of a novel of mine.

The characters' names were the same. It was set on a spaceship. There were aliens.

That was about it.

Still, it was a fun dream, which have been in short supply around here lately.

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