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#2050: Islamic terrorist attempts to blow up Times Square

A Pakistani, who's a naturalized American citizen, and who is a muslim is the guy they think set the bomb.

He just about escaped capture, too. If the FBI had been a little bit slower the ISLAMIC TERRORIST would have been bound for Dubai.

WaPo's take.

"...[U]sing a lot of technology and access to database, agents located the suspect. You got to love it when agents use a lot of technology! "Bill! We can't locate the bad guy! We don't have enough technology!" "Damn it, Bob! I thought we had a lot of technology!"


Boortz: "...[Y]ou won't find him identified as a Muslim in most of the news reports." Of course not.

Michelle Malkin talks about the arrest of the MUSLIM TERRORIST. And she gets the best line so far: "CAIR and the ACLU were unavailable for comment...."

Mark Steyn discusses the reflexive tendency of our government to say, "It was a lone wolf! It's not terrorism! Particularly not islamic terrorism!"

* * *

Meanwhile, NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg blamed the bombing on "...somebody with a political agenda who doesn't like the health care bill or something."

Yeah, that's what he said.

What an anus.

Out of all the terror attacks in the last 30 years, how many of them were not perpetrated by muslims? Out of all the terror attacks and attempts on American soil, how many were not carried out by muslims?

The Oklahoma City bombing was carried out by white supremecists with connections to fascist organizations. That was it. All the other terror attacks and attempts inside the US were perpetrated by muslims. Let's look at the list, shall we?
1993 World Trade Center bombing: muslims
1995 Oklahoma City bombing: white supremecists.
2001 "9/11": muslims
2009 Fort Hood massacre: muslim
2009 "pantybomber": muslim
2010 Times Square attempt: muslim
That's six attacks, and only 16% of them were anti-government psychos. And if you include worldwide terror attacks the fraction shrinks dramatically.

I can't think of a single terror attack with human casualties which has not been carried out by muslims, except for Oklahoma City. Anyone care to tell me why I'm wrong?

(I'm leaving out the insane animal rights terrorists for one reason: they typically go after property, not people. It's true they try to scare animal researchers into giving up using animals, but they don't try to kill anyone. At least, they haven't so far.)

* * *

Want to make money? Cut your hair. I know there are plenty of people out there who think, "I shouldn't have to cut my hair to get a job/make a sale/do this or that." Simple fact is, the business world doesn't agree with that. Like it or lump it, most hiring managers expect to see a candidate appear to give a rat's ass about his appearance, and that includes not having five-o'clock shadow and hair down to your asscrack. It may not have anything to do whatsoever with how well you can do the job, but you see, the guy with the neat haircut and properly-knotted tie looks more reliable than the guy with long hair and tattoo sleeves on both arms.

It does depend on what kind of job you're talking about, of course. If you're hoping to work in an office, cut your hair, wear a tie, and try not to look like a complete shithead. On the other hand, if you're trying for a job working on a loading dock, they probably won't care as much about how you look.

* * *

Here's an interesting thought about the failed Times Square ISLAMIC TERROR ATTACK.

Let's say a guy pulls a gun on you, aims, fires, and misses you. Do you say, "Oh, well, no problem then"? What you do is take cover, draw your own firearm (if so equipped) and return fire.

The Obama administration, however, is acting as if a failed attempt means we're just as safe as we were before he took office. "It didn't go off, eh? Oh, well, no problem then!"

The knickerbomber attempt in December of 2009 was a serious event, but our government treated it like the actions of a lone whacko. They're repeating the same pattern with the failed Times Square ISLAMIC TERROR ATTACK.

The administration's efforts are not about preventing further attacks; the administration is worried more about its own public image.

Alan Caruba neatly sums up the Obama administration's anti-terror policy: Get lucky.

Yeah, that worked twice. Will it work a third time? How about a fourth?

* * *

Dennis on a moron's "solution" to the energy crisis.

Okay, number one: there is no energy crisis. There has not been one since the 1970s, and the one in the 1970s was itself a manufactured crisis. There is plenty of oil and coal in the world, and there is plenty of fissionable metals in the world, and there are no reasons whatsoever for us not to use any of those resources except political ones.

Whatever "energy crisis" we have now is the result of political maneuvers. It is not because we're running out of energy sources. The fuels are there.

Number two: Dennis correctly points out the major flaw in the plan advanced by the moron: it would wreck the economy, and our economy can't take any more wrecking.

This "fix" kind of reminds me of a Monty Python sketch. The sketch is a "how-to" program. Example" "How to cure cancer: first, you become a doctor. Then you invent a cure for cancer."

The "fix" Dennis refers to is like that. "All we have to do to fix the energy problem is to TOTALLY REORGANIZE OUR SOCIETY AND ECONOMY! What could be simpler?"


* * *

And what about the big oil disaster?

The feds had a plan they didn't bother to implement.

Boortz on the same issue.

* * *

WTF is a 15-year-old doing getting a tongue piercing anyway? The piercing ruptured a vein and she had to go to the ER for stitches.

I could add here my usual commentary on how fucking stupid it is to put unnecessary holes in your body that it didn't originally come with, but I think the story speaks for itself.

* * *

Here is the "these two stories are related" department.

First: Boy beaten nearly to death for his iPod.

Second: Grandmother arrested for slapping granddaughter for swearing and mouthing off.

* * *

Vote these bitches out. If these idiots are talking about imposing a value-added tax atop the income tax, vote them out. Republicans should not favor new taxes over cutting spending. Leave that shit to the Democrats, damn it!

* * *

How long, exactly, have I been trying to warn everyone about the possibility of an EMP attack on the United States?

I've worn out my keyboard talking about it.

* * *

This woman had gigantic breasts. I mean anime/manga "big boob" territory, like Mizuki Tachibana" big.

...and we can see how well that works in real life where boobs don't defy gravity. Hint: IT DOESN'T!

An "N" cup bra. Jesus. Each breast, individually, twice the size of her head.

Not sexy. Not even remotely. +1 for breast reduction surgery in this case.

* * *

They just finished testing the warning sirens. They let the steady siren blow for four freaking minutes. WTF? Then they let the rise-fall siren blow for even longer.

Okay, they work, you can turn them off now! WTF.

* * *

I wonder when I'll get my BattleNet authenticator. That'll be cool. It'll also be a pain since I'll have to enter my password AND the authentication code; but if it keeps assholes from hacking my account, it's worth it.

* * *

Today is errand day. Shopping, mostly.

...somehow I missed paying the insurance on the Jeep in April, and the insurance company hadn't gotten around to sending a cancellation notice, so I hurried over to the insurance office last night 15 minutes before they closed and dropped off a check. *whew*.

Meanwhile, gas is up $0.10 per gallon; argh etc. It's sitting at $3.16 per gallon now. Thanks, Democrats.

* * *

Decent average weather for April let me get the yard work done yesterday and get that ladder taken to the recycler. I still have things I want to do outside (jalopy work) but I'm probably going to do nothing useful today besides the errands.

* * *

Running down quests in Hellfire Peninsula last night, Ormus died three stinking times. It was annoying. But I made some gold and moved him closer to 63rd level, and if I can get some decent amount of play time under my belt I can probably get him to 64th in pretty short order.

I've almost got him to the point that he can afford to buy a flying mount. Almost.

...but I want to get my reputation with Honor Hold at least to "honored" before I make the purchase, because the more they like you, the more money you save.

The guild is back, and the guild master is back, and everything has been restored. "It's nice to be home," I said after Ormus was restored to the old guild.

Even got his rank of "noble" back, heheh.

The servers are, of course, down until 1 PM today for maintenance, so I might as well go run errands now. See ya.

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