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#2062: Thanks, Democrats.

Big companies are thinking about entirely dropping health benefits for their employees. The article starts off with a PowerPoint slide showing how much money AT&T can save by dropping coverage and paying the fine: 4.1 billion dollars per year.

The article goes on to discuss why Henry "Nostrilitis" Waxman first demanded these companies explain themselves...and then quietly dropped the notion of having hearings at all. It would have been very, very embarassing for Democrats if those companies had gotten up in front of the committee and the CSPAN cameras and explained.

So a bunch of people are likely to lose their employer health insurance; and how many of them will get raises which reflect even a major percentage of that loss of income? Don't hold your breath.

Democrats and ObamaCare have just made life more expensive in the United States.

Thanks, Democrats.

* * *

The Chicago area has the highest gas prices in the country. Higher than California? WTF?

87 octane costs $3.16 per gallon out my way.

Thanks, Democrats.

* * *

Why are we thinking "cyberattack"? I thought the cause of the huge dip had been explained--someone made a mistake--so why ask the question?

Is something going on about which we're not getting the whole story?

* * *

In other news, "the Huge Dip" is going on my list of nicknames for Boss Tweek.

* * *

When the money to support socialism runs out, people riot. The people are used to getting "free money" from the government, but socialism is ultimately unsustainable and it always collapses, sooner or later.

When the cupboard is bare, the kids riot. Stuff gets broken and people die.

The leftists blame the deaths on capitalism, of course.

* * *

Can Africa get its shit together sufficiently to do something like this? I'm voting no, because if Africa had the ability to manage its own affairs in anything like a reasonable and effective fashion it wouldn't be the unmitigated shitpot it is.

Too many warlords, not enough rule of law. Too much corruption.

* * *

Obama's likely nominee has as much judicial experience as he had executive experience on Jan 20, 2009. He's probably sitting there thinking, "Hey, look how well I turned out!"

...argh. I just got a stabbing pain behind my eyes. I think I'm going to go lie down for a bit.

* * *

BakaBT is back up--or it was last night, anyway--but I flamed out around 8 PM last night and had to go to bed, so I put the computer to sleep and hit the hay.

* * *

The one deficiency with the weed whacker is that it's just a little too short for me to use without bending over just a little bit--just enough to make my back scream at me after a while.

But I can hold it with one hand and operate it pretty effectively, and that lets me stand straight.

* * *

Sunday morning I finally got around to watching all the crap I'd recorded--V, the car shows, Doctor Who--and I can't believe how freakin' predictable V is.


Father Jack is wracked with guilt because he thinks the V shuttle they shot down was full of humans and is about to confess the crime to the FBI. When told the shuttle was in fact full of human corpses he suddenly regains his spine. No one notices that what's-her-face was alone in the room with him shortly before he manned up. Most people would think, "What did she say to him that made him so defiant?" But not the people in the V universe; no.

(And don't law enforcement people generally roll tape on interrogations? Couldn't someone review the tape and discover the reason for his sudden change of demeanor?)

Anna's daughter Lisa tells Anna that Tyler isn't coming to live aboard the V ship, that "I've failed you, mother." Anna hauls off and slugs her. Who didn't see that coming?

In fact, why the hell is Father Jack trusting the news reporter guy? ("Chad Decker"? Really?) The guy's in bed with the visitors, and he's a freaking reporter. Rule of thumb number one for any person involved in a fifth column or resistance movement of any kind: DO NOT TRUST REPORTERS. EVER. NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT. And now they've been given proof that they can't trust Chad Decker any farther than they could comfortably piss the USS Nimitz, yet they are still talking about bringing him in.

Come on: Father Jack gives Decker an oblique warning about flying on V shuttles, and Decker himself later admits to Father Jack that he told Anna, who is only the freaking grand high poobah of the Vs, that he received a warning about an imminent attack. If that isn't a big flashing neon sign that screams DO NOT TRUST ME, then what the hell is?

And Tyler, who is seventeen going on twelve, is all broken up over Lisa admitting that she was just using him. Predictably, Tyler is now beginning to shift all his loyalties back to his mother, even the ones which had drifted long before the Vs arrived. *sigh*

I wonder how much longer I'll be watching it?

End spoilers.

DW was, unexpectedly, a two-parter.

Can I just say right now that Karen Gillan, who plays Amy Pond, is made of hawt? If a certain novel of mine were to be made into a movie, she is the perfect person to play one of the characters in it. Everything is dead on, right down to her accent.

Amy Pond gets bonus points for having a brain. The Doctor tells her not even to blink, so while she's chiding him, "You know how hard it is not to blink?" she's closing one eye at a time. (Exactly what I'd do.)

* * *

It's not even 10 AM yet. Dang, I'm up early. That's what I get for going to bed at 8 PM.

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