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#2063: V comments

Pretty much this is all either spoilers or probable spoilers. Don't read it if you give a rat's ass about having an uncorrupted experience with V...but as I said, the series is too damn predictable. The woman who played Tori in Battlestar Galactica, the federal agent, I knew she was a V from the moment she showed up.

Father Jack's mentor, the old priest, I think he's a V, too. I've thought that from the first episode.

I have to admit I now have no idea WTF the Vs are up to. What are they doing with the people in the "live aboard program"? They're jabbing them with really nasty-looking iron maiden-like machines for some reason, and apparently they're obtaining genetic information from them. Lisa saw Tyler's image in the data from some random woman; what does that mean? Is it showing good mating combinations?

Why are the Vs looking for humans with/from big families? Are they indeed breeding food/slaves as I feared at the beginning?

I'm holding out hope that they are not after Earth's water. I'm also holding out hope that they're not planning to take over Earth because they ruined the ecosystem of their homeworld; but their true motivations are still not obvious. Anna has an invasion fleet on the way, though, so clearly the Vs instend to stay on Earth regardless.

WTF was up with shooting down the V shuttle? Earth weapons couldn't do it, yet the missile they used looked suspiciously human in origin. There was some blather about "V code" being uploaded to the missile hardware but I have no idea how a little programming can make an antiaircraft missle with a high explosive warhead suddenly work effectively against something made from unobtanium.

What's that? "Earth missiles couldn't lock onto the V ship?" Why the hell not? It's invisible to radar? Perhaps it doesn't radiate heat (in direct violation of the laws of thermodynamics) but there's more than one kind of surface-to-air missile, you know. Heat-seeking is merely the easiest, because human technology does obey the laws of thermodynamics and the sky is rarely hotter than a flying machine.

Because no one else asked: where did the Vs get the human body parts they loaded on that shuttle?

"Chad Decker"? You really gave a character that name? Seriously?

I have a feeling I'll continue to watch through the end of the first season. I'm making no bets on how much of the second I'll watch.

I finally stopped watching Star Trek: Voyager about the time Jeri Ryan joined the cast. I saw the season premiere where 7 of 9 joined the cast; and never watched a single ep afterwards. I just lost interest in it because the show was too predictable, and it had drifted so far from "science fiction" and into "the gadget fix of the week" that it couldn't hold my interest any longer. (Is there anything the deflector dish of a starship cannot be used for? Anything at all? "Look, if you cross-connect it with the replicators, you can turn an asteroid into nachos!")

V has that kind of feel to it. The "Fifth Column" is existing by the skin of its teeth primarily on luck alone; their successes happen because of luck and their reversals happen because Anna uses strategy. There's no planning, no effort to expand, no attempt at communicating with other cells of the resistance. Every operation they undertake succeeds, usually handily.

A realistic fifth column wouldn't work that way, but of course it would cost too much to do a series about a realistic resistance movement fighting against alien invasion.

So far the show has been just interesting enough to keep me coming back, but it has managed to do no better than that. Certainly there is absolutely nothing new in this series whatsoever; it's using the same old tropes and memes from all the prior "alien invasion" stories and doing nothing new or unusual with them.

This doesn't make it bad. It just makes it "typical television". The problem is, I don't like "typical television", and unless something massive happens in the season finale to change the game I'm probably not going to see the point of following it next season.

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