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#2068: Punish the kids for Arizona's law.

Highland Park High School isn't sending its basketball team to Arizona.

"...[T]he trip also 'would not be aligned with our beliefs and values,' said District 113 Assistant Superintendent Suzan Hebson." What beliefs and values? It's a freakin' sports tournament, not "StripperCon 2010". What this amounts to is punishing the kids for something they have no control over or fault for, solely because the faculty doesn't like a law passed by the state government of Arizona.

Never mind that the law in question merely echoes the federal immigration laws. Everyone knows the feds won't enforce the laws because the Democrats need more voters in order to keep winning elections.

* * *

Sorry, John McCain; we're not buying it. A few years ago, John McCain was co-author of an immigration "reform" bill which was actually nothing but amnesty with a side of token border security.

Now, suddenly, John McCain wants the border closed.

Yeah. No.

* * *

How the hell do you manage to do this?

* * *

We got 1.5 inches of rain last night. The entire area got drenched.

The storm I predicted for 2 AM hit around midnight, and another line came through at 2 AM, so I was kind of right.

Some idiot in a town to the west of here blew their warning sirens. Since nighttime tornados are a phobia of mine, it was enough to put my heart rate into the stratosphere for an hour afterwards. I checked four different sources for evidence of a tornado warning and found none; so someone went off half-cocked, or hit the wrong switch, or something.

All we had was a soaking rain and some rumbles. There was barely any wind. The thunder, in fact, lulled me to sleep.

* * *

Turns out that if you go to Steam you can get Portal for free. (The full game, until May 24.) So I'm grabbing it. "Free" is a price I can live with.

But my C drive is full, and it wouldn't give me an option to install the game anywhere else, so at the same time the game is downloading, I'm moving a backup directory to the E drive. (The backup directory contains anime from the D drive, so I retain redundancy.)

* * *

Well, I guess I ought to go pick up a mouse. The buttons on the Logitech cordless mouse are too stiff for my liking, and my fingers are starting to hurt after 10 hands of Freecell, so that's no good.

Off to K-mart.

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