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#2069: MS Comfort Mouse 4500

And boy, did I have to work for it.

K-mart was a total loss. Aside from a few pieces of junk and some Logitech mice, they had nothing. So I hied myself out to Best Buy.

At Best Buy there were all kinds of wireless mice on display. A whole ton of 'em: Microsoft, Logitech, Dynex (?), others; wireless, Bluetooth, laptop, travel.... The best-looking and -feeling mouse (to me) they had was a right-hand-only Logitech mouse. Bzzt! No cigar.

...finally, all the way on the bottom shelf and off to the right, I spied an MS mouse which was neither chiral nor wireless. No display model; it was $30. I had hoped for an exact replacement, for my MS Comfort Mouse 3000, but that was overly optimistic and this was close enough, so I grabbed it.

Of course, no driver software included. Go to MS and download it from there. Can you just type in "Comfort Mouse 4500" and get any useful result? NO! THIS IS MICROSOFT, YOU FOOL!

...found the driver software in spite of Microsoft's best efforts, and installed it. Had to reboot; and now I'm back where I was before the button went bad on the MSCM 3000.

The mouse uses a blue LED instead of a red one, and it doesn't have a translucent body. Where the 3000 had one side button, the 4500 has two, one on each side. I've set the left one to bring up the magnifier, as the 3000 was configured, and disabled the right side one until I figure out what I want it to do.

Eh? "Why don't you use a wireless mouse?" Because "wireless" means "batteries", and battery-operated devices have this annoying tendency to run out of juice just when I want to use them. I'd either have to change batteries or recharge the damn thing, and I like neither option. WTF, the USB port puts out 5 volts; why screw around with batteries when you don't have to? This mouse stays connected to the desktop computer and I don't take it anywhere, so why bother with wireless?

I do admit the USB dongle for the wireless mice is kind of funny. It's the end of a USB plug with a bit of black plastic on one end. The receiver fits on a tiny chip of silicon, of course, so having a big clunky dongle would be counter-productive. The receiver dongle I saw is small enough to get lost; if you put it in your mouth you might accidentally swallow it, and it's so tiny it would cause you zero gastrointestinal distress. (Recovering it would be disgusting, but that's your own damn fault for swallowing it in the first place.)

Anyway, while I was there I browsed the computer hardware a bit. A 2 TB drive is $170 now. You can get a 360 GB drive for $70.

Mainly I looked at drives and monitors; I was trying to see if they had any external enclosures for IDE drives. They do have a nifty hot dock for SATA drives, so you can just drop a spare SATA drive into the thing and access its contents. They also have a NetGear NAS box (no drives), and a Seagate NAS box (a 1 TB drive) but I want something like Steven Den Beste has for that role.

Well, now I'm off to try Portal and play WoW.

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