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#2070: Carpe diem!

...and did I!

Got up, had a leftover gyro, and hit the driveway. I tore the freakin' dashboard right out of that Escort with a CHAIN SAW AND FIBERGLASSED A CUSTOM DASH FULL OF SUBWOOFERS!!!!!!!!!

Okay, no I didn't. What I did in fact do was to remove the stereo and HVAC controls, and then got the instrument cluster out so I could replace the bulbs.

I spent something like $60 on bulbs because I bought three two-packs of LED bulbs, at $12 each, for the instrument lights. I'm tired of having half the dashboard dark. I also replaced all the other bulbs with regular incandescent bulbs. I tardily realized that I should have replaced the turn indicator bulbs with LED bulbs instead, but that was after I had the cluster back in. F it.

As usual the manual was f-ing wrong. It says to unscrew the bolts holding the cluster in, then to pull the cluster forward, unplug the electrical connectors, and then disconnect the speedometer cable. That may work if you're a robot made from mimetic polyalloy or some kind of shape-shifter, but I could not get the instrument cluster far enough forward that I could get at anything on its back side.

I had to disconnect the speedo cable from the transmission. Naturally it would not come out of the VSS; and in fact while I was pulling on it and trying to shove the clip aside with a screwdriver the goddamned housing came right out of the ferrule. Argh.

It's kind of like today's Dilbert. the cluster out, bought bulbs, replaced them, reassembled dashboard. Pulled the VSS from the transmission and then, after I had it in my hand, of course the ferrule came right out of the thing without a problem. Rather than buy a new speedo cable I reamed out the end of the ferrule and shaved some plastic off the housing, and reintroduced them to each other. Reinstalled VSS. *sigh*

The last remaining thing is the HVAC controls and the stereo. The cable which controls the temperature setting is held in place with a clamp, which broke off and disappeared. The pivot for the lever which selects the output of the blower also broke off and disappeared. So I grabbed the HVAC control panel I ganked from the green car; its temperature cable mount is also broken, but I'm attempting to fix it with plastic epoxy and JB Weld.

I haven't gotten to the stereo yet.

* * *

I tried playing Portal yesterday. I was trying to reconfigure the keyboard controls to something that made more sense to me, and my computer abruptly shut itself off.

No warning, no nothing; screen went dark and I asked, "WTF just happened?"

It booted up normally and I played WoW for hours, so it wasn't heat loading or anything weird. It had something to do with the software.

* * *

Remember that Mazda stealership which charged a mentally handicapped woman $63,000 for a $25,000 car and said "we made a bit of money" on the deal? Mazda gave 'em the hidey ho.

Good for you, Mazda!

* * *

"These 'Turbo Tips' are...designed to change your exhaust note from 'four-banger' to 'four-banger-with-some-crap-in-the-pipe'." And they're stupid.

* * *

You can't do it unless you plug into the OBD port, which is good, because plenty of people who have the know-how will do it just because they can.

* * *



* * *

The USSR and China were on the same side, but they didn't seem to know that. In fact, war between them would be inevitable even if they did cooperate at first, because "there can be only one" Politburo in charge of everything. Even if a combined Sino-Russian supercommunism had formed, it would have split once the rest of the world had been conquered.

Richard Nixon told the USSR that the US would not stand idly by, but attack the USSR. To be honest, I don't think that was a wise move, but then again Richard Nixon was not exactly a Reagan conservative, either.

"WHAT?!?" You explode. Surprising, isn't it? Nixon is the man who gave us the EPA and OSHA, for Christ's sake. What more proof do you need?

* * *

There are signs that China's economy is faltering, and this is very, very bad news. Right now the only thing propping up our economy is China's willingness to buy our debt. Do I need to eludicate on why it's bad if China can't do that? Again?

I thought not. Y'all are smart enough to connect the dots. Anyway I've been over all that stuff before.

* * *

People with H-1B visas work cheaper than citizens do. You can pay a guy from India less and get the same work from him as from an American with the same training.
The yearly quota of 65,000 H-1B visas is usually filled on April 1 of every year, which is the date the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services begins accepting applications for the new yearly allotment.

So far only about 13,500 such requests have been received, an indication of how bad the job market is (or how good the jobless recovery, if you follow establishment economists).

Of one thing you can be sure: There are a lot more than 13,500 unemployed, average but adequate American workers who'd jump at the opportunities being "outsourced."
* * * shows us how Eric Holder has lied about the Arizona immigration law.

* * *

XKCD today is awesome:

* * *

The otoo-san-boushi in real life:

funny pictures of cats with captions

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