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#2074: Butthurt weenies in WoW (and car stuff)

Car stuff first.

I tardily realized that I could use a styrofoam plate to make gaskets for the spoiler. All I had to do was to make a pattern, trace it onto the plate, and cut it out.

I used a Sharpie to darken the edges; and with two thicknesses of plate material the spoiler doesn't rattle.

Still have the reflector strip to take care of, though. And once that's done, it'll be time to see what I can do about the Jeep's rear wiper, which has never worked correctly since the day I bought it.

* * *

Butthurt weenies:

We start with the tale of this 79th level blood elf, first initial O, in Sholazar Basin.

He and I were obviously on the same quests: you have to kill a certain number of gorillas, and the gorilla matriarch. He had all the gorillas in one area surrounding him, pounding on him; I know the type: grab aggro from all the monsters and kill them. Don't kill as many as you need and leave some for other players; no, get all of them.

The matriarch had been gotten by some other player and was in cooldown for respawn. O amused himself by using his "fear" attack on the harmless baby gorillas. Okay, once, I could see; but he kept doing it and doing it, running to the various clusters of them and firing off the "fear" again. It was annoying; the little buggers squeaked a lot.

Me: I was hanging back, figuring that this anus had been here first, so he could take out the matriarch when she respawned. Not being ADD or ADHD I could relax, rearrange my inventory, maybe pick up a few of the regular gorillas while I waited.

But O kept "fear"ing the babies; and then the matriarch respawned an instant before he did it again. She ran; and she ran right into range of my spells. Thinking, fuck it, I slapped "Corruption" on the thing the barest fraction of a second before his attack landed, giving me the tap and having the credit, experience, and loot coming my way once the thing was down.

He kept attacking it, so I hardly had to do anything. Since he was Horde there was no point in trying to communicate with him, and in any event I don't rub it in when I get one over on someone. So I stepped forward, claimed the loot, and he challenged me to a duel before I could mount my horse.

I declined, mounted up, and he challenged me again. I declined again. I was playing Amaleni, who was 76th at the time; the three-level disparity was likely enough to make it an unfair fight, and in any event I don't duel. But O was angry and wanted to punish me, so he kept following me and challenging me to duels, which I kept declining, until I realized this anus is not taking the hint and put him on "ignore".

They duel flag came down a couple more times, and automatically went up and disappeared again, because that's what happens when you set someone to "ignore". This was about the point I "/yelled" "BUTTHURT HORDE HERE!".

Then he kept following me around, positioning himself right behind me, probably trying to get in the way of my mousing in hopes that I would accidentally attack him.

He wasted more time following me and trying to get me to aggro on him than he would have if he had simply shrugged it off and waited for the matriarch to respawn. And judging by his behavior I know that if he had done what I did to him, he would be yukking it up about how good a player he is. ("Ha Ha PwN3D!!1one-one" or whatev.) The little anus doesn't like it so much when it happens to him.

You know, I don't have any sympathy for him, though, because if he had been waiting patiently for the matriarch to appear--instead of screwing around with the harmless baby apes--she would have respawned right atop him, and he could have hacked her to bits in short order. But because he was f-ing around with "fear", and chased her right into my sights--WTF.


Butthurt #2:

In guild chat the other day, some people were making off-color jokes, and someone else asked them to stop...and they didn't. So there was a complaint to the guild officers, and the guild message was changed to remind guildies that the guild chat channel is supposed to be a sex-and-swearing-free zone.

To be fair, I may have started it by making an oblique reference to masturbation, but it was pretty damn oblique. The problem arose several minutes later, when some guys took the joke too far.

The wording of the message irritated the grammar nazi in me, so I asked permission to rewrite it, received permission, and rewrote it. (The guild master complimented me on my wording.)

So one long-time guildie gets on and asks, "WTF is this shit?" Apparently being asked to restrain himself was offensive to him. His attitude? "I shouldn't have to avoid swearing!" He cited the fact that WoW is an MMORPG, though I don't know what that has to do with it. After some back-and-forth about the issue, with him getting more agitated over it, he said, "Guess I know where my friends are!" and quit the guild.

...okay. Yeah, it's such an imposition to ask you not to swear or make sex jokes in public guild chat, in a guild with a bunch of minors in it. (It was repeatedly stressed that he could make all the rude comments he wanted to in whispers, but apparently that's not good enough.)

My attitude is that the guild officers have determined that guild chat is supposed to be suitable for younger players; if you can't handle that, quit the guild. Make your own guild if you don't like the conditions. In fact, it is polite not to swear like a sailor in public anyway, a point which seems lost on many of the under-30 crowd.

But it's not "unfair" to expect people to be considerate. Getting all butthurt over the reminder demonstrates how immature this particular player actually is.

* * *

Amaleni finally hit 77th level not long after the first incident I related, above. At 77th level you can get "Cold Weather Flying", and I immediately hearthed to Dalaran and bought it. 1,000 GP, but I then flew all over Northrend and got the "World Explorer" achievement. So now she's "Amaleni the Explorer".

...and now she's 78th level and has around 700 gold after buying 102 gold worth of training for 78th level spells. Two more levels and she'll be my first 80. I'm told "that's when the game really begins" but we'll see if that's how I feel.

I'm not sure I want to delve too deeply into getting geared and equipped for raids. Maybe I do; but it seems like a lot of trouble. I enjoy leveling a lot more than the dungeons and raids--at least I have so far.

* * *

I have got a headache that won't quit. Well: after getting home from dinner last night, I played WoW for a while, and then hit the sack. I woke up around five and had a couple slices of toast with jelly, and fell asleep again until around noonish, when I had a hot pocket.

Then I fell asleep again until around 3 or so. I got up, put the spoiler on the Escort, and then ordered dinner (General Tao's Chicken), but by then it was too late: the headache was coming.


Well, the last few days finally caught up with me. Friday I went all day; Saturday I went all day--and today when I woke up I felt like I'd been working a lot, which was not at all surprising because...well, I'd been working a lot.

The turn signal indicators in the Escort's dash now light up yellow-orange, even though the lenses are green, because the LED bulbs behind them don't emit any blue light. It's a bit odd when you're seen green arrows all your life to suddenly see orange ones, but it won't take much getting used to.

Little by little, we're getting there.

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