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#2075: Is Greece really "fixed"?

The slide of the Dow last week would suggest "not", and here's some backup:

Two major German banks doubt Greece can manage to repay its debt. The expression of these doubts sparked outrage, of course.

Chancellor Merkel is saying that the $1 trillion bailout fund will only buy time. This is news? Socialism is a Ponzi scheme; and like all such schemes it eventually collapses.

Europe's problems with debt are due to European socialism; and as long as Europeans insist on an economic system founded on rainbows and unicorn flatus their debt problem will continue.

Greece is thinking of suing US banks for its debt crisis. How the hell is it our fault?

Using this somewhat dubious thinking could someone who runs up huge revolving debt sue the credit card company?


* * *

So now South Korea is going to accuse North Korea of sinking that ship. Remember the ship which was toodling along, minding its own business, when suddenly a hole appeared in the hull?

Now they're saying it was NK's fault.

Why now? Why not then?

* * *

Obama is going to make Israel do what he says. The Obama administration is effectively telling the Palestinians, "If you can keep from making an agreement with Israel, we're going to make Israel give a lot of ground."

* * *

You can tell a lot about a government by how it treats Jews.

* * *

I'm just going to quote the Curmudgeon Emeritus because I can't expand on this any better:
Leftists' problem is that despite all the shackles they've managed to fasten onto Americans this century past, whenever we're allowed to express ourselves freely, they lose the argument. Their control of the schools, the Old Media, and most of the courts has not been sufficient to break us to their saddle. We persist in wanting freedom, and we continue to argue and vote for it at every opportunity.
Emphasis his.

* * *

That oil rig which blew up and sank, leading to a record oil spill? The Obama administration gave them an award for safety.

* * *

Hamas throws Palestinians out of homes and bulldozes them.

* * *

Is artificial light bad for your sleeping pattern? Probably.

I have to wonder what that guy did after dark, with all the stuff in his house turned off. No wonder he went to bed at 9; what did he do? Sing songs in the dark?

I am a very light sleeper. That's why a visit to my bedroom--where there is all kinds of electronic equipment--reveals a host of ad hoc solutions to the problem of artificial light interfering with sleep.

For example, the printer: when it's on--even in standby mode--the control panel emits a steady blue glow, almost bright enough to read by once the eyes adjust.

In high school I had an alarm clock with a vacuum flourescent display. Even on its dimmest setting, the thing was a searchlight.

If I set the timer on the VCR and have to leave the satellite box on, I put the remote control for a tiny R/C car in front of the satellite box's on button...because of the incredibly bright blue LED in it.

A vitamin bottle blocks the glow of the monitor's power LED. I turn off the speakers to keep that light from bothering me. At times the glow of the keyboard LEDs are enough to cause trouble.

The computer's power switch contains the brightest blue LED I have ever seen. Before I got into the habit of putting the computer to sleep (I just left it running with the monitor off) this LED--six inches above the floor--bathed the entire room in a glow eerily reminiscent of Cerenkov radiation.

When I started putting the computer to sleep, it got worse, because it blinks when the computer's in sleep mode. So now there's a Best Buy Rewards keychain tag taped over it.

As bad as it is, at least I've gotten used to there being some random glows here and there. The clock on the DVD recorder, at its dimmest setting, doesn't annoy. The VCR's display is dim by default and it mostly shines on the floor. The orange glow from the UPS no longer bothers me.

"How the hell do you sleep in the daytime, anus?" You may well ask. Stupid as it sounds, these little lights only bother me when it's dark. The sun being up is an entirely different situation.

...I have my curtains held closed with clothespins. The light coming around the curtains isn't enough to bother me; if direct light finds its way in, though, I'm awake. It's not as easy to sleep when the sun is shining directly on the curtains, either.

Somehow, I manage, which is why I'm an incorrigible night owl.

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