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#2076: I ate all the Früzen-Glädje!

Back in the 1980s, when the yuppies were into conspicuous consumption and buying all kinds of European junk because it was obscure, expensive, and trendy, someone tried to horn in on Haagen-Dasz's turf.

H-D was the ice cream of choice for yuppies. It had everything they wanted: a European name (hyphenated, even!), and it was expensive. $5 for a quart of ice cream, and it's not any better than the cheap stuff, but it's European! and hyphenated!

So others tried to ride the bandwagon; and here's where Früzen-Glädje came in. It was another hyper-expensive hyphenated European ice cream. I only ever saw the commerical a few times:

Wife, sitting on sofa, with a hangdog expression, looking as if someone had stolen her cat.
H: Honey? What's wrong?
W: I ate all the Früzen-Glädje.
H: What?
W: I ate all the Früzen-Glädje!

...I don't remember what came next.

What should have come next: H: WTF is Früzen-Glädje?

"Früzen-Glädje"--it doesn't even sound like ice cream. It sounds like something else. Like some obscure part on a German WW2 airplane: "Heinrich! Reset the Früzen-Glädje for the next bomb run!" Or maybe it's a Scandiavian painter's tool: "Ah, I must clean the Früzen-Glädje before I apply the next coat."


* * *

Anime fans: Bonaparte is within reach! ...if any of you has seen Tank Police you'll know what I mean.

Otherwise, NVM.

* * *

New hit TV series! "Are You Tougher Than a 3rd Grader"? 8-year old beats the crap out of a man trying to abduct his 4-year-old sister. Good going, kid.

* * *

Why don't you assholes at Homeland Security worry about the MEXICAN border first? The Mexican border is the one where all the laws are being broken. Where Mexican gangs are killing Americans, where thousands of people cross illegally every day. Do something about the Mexican border before you start worrying about Canadian illegals.

* * *

Medicare does not pay enough so doctors are opting out of it. ObamaCare is essentially going to be more of the same. How long before it becomes a problem?

* * *

TEA partiers obviously did not get the message, so this guy explains in detail: Dissent is no longer patriotic. Dissent stopped being patriotic on January 20, 2009, when Obama was inaugurated. Dissent is now the province of selfish old people who are throwing a tantrum.

I advise against reading the article; it will make you angry. Unless you're a liberal asshat like the guy who wrote it, of course.

* * *

2 TB is the limit for hard drive sizes for most motherboards.

"Nobody expected back in 1980 when they set the standard that we’d ever address over 2.1TB," said a Seagate spokesman; and in fact that's not even remotely surprising. I'm sure that in 1980 everyone expected the standard to change long before drives got that big. I mean, come on: in 1980, a 5 MB drive cost $5,000 in 1980 dollars. That was thirty years ago. (Apparently IBM also introduced a 1 GB drive for mainframes, costing a mere $40,000 in 1980 dollars. And I look at the 1 GB SD card on my desk and laugh....)

It's good to know that I can't just pop a 3 TB drive into this machine. I have room for 3 hard drives in this computer's case, so that means a total on-line storage of 6 TB, using three 2 TB drives. My motherboard can support more than that, and I've occasionally given thought to buying a new case with tons of room for hard drives, but I'm not sure I'd want to go that route. I like the idea of a NAS box better.

(There will be, by the way, none of that "gibibyte" or "tebibyte" shit here.)

* * *

The Anchoress has an excellent post today on what has gone wrong with corporate America.

It really isn't a recent thing, though. Try watching Executive Suite. William Holden's speech at the end of the movie is as true today as it was in 1954, and for many of the same reasons.

Corporate America has changed from a place where intelligence and passion are desired to a place where conformity and obedience are paramount. It's not enough to be smart and good at what you do; you must be politically correct, socially conscious, able to work 16-hour days, and utterly devoted to your job just to be allowed to continue working. You might get a raise once in a while, if there's any money in the budget for it, but don't count on it because the economy is in a rut and we need to be profitable.

It really is like Dilbert.

* * *

Ho hum, wake me for real news, A Democrat lies about serving in Vietnam and none of the mainstream media gives a rat's ass.

* * *


Look, Mr. Newt was all right as Speaker of the House. But President? No. Oh, hell no.

...see above.

* * *

Seniors of Kalamazoo: you have to present your papers if you want to shake the President's hand at your HS graduation. The SS wants to do background checks on you all.

* * *

Sarah Palin weighs in on the distressing tendency of the Democrat Regime to demagogue things like Arizon'a immigration law without actually, you know, reading it.

* * *

No, I've got it: it's an obscure northeastern European weapon! A forensic pathologist and a cop are regarding a corpse on the examination table:

FP: This isn't pretty.... (draws back sheet)
Cop: My God! What the hell--?
FP: This was clearly done with a Früzen-Glädje.
Cop: WTF.


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