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The more that I think about this issue the more firmly convinced I am that "illegal=deportation" despite the person's "intent".

Boortz cites two situations. One involves a Kennesaw State University student who's an illegal, who was driving without a valid driver's license. Her passport was expired. County officials determined she's an illegal, and she's sent to a center to await deportation.

He cites another situation, wherein a girl came to the US when she was 8. She's now of college age and has been accepted to UC Berkley, but lacking any documentation--being an illegal immigrant--she's ineligible for federal student loans and grants.

Boortz contends these things fall into a grey area, but I don't think they do. Whatever their backgrounds, these people are in the country illegally. Their "intent" doesn't matter; they have broken the law both by coming here and by remaining here. We can excuse some people for coming here illegally when the crime was committed as a minor; but the end result should be the same: "Sorry, but you've got to leave."

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Meanwhile the SS is being racist and bigoted and anti-immigrant in Kalamazoo.

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From the first link of Boortz:
...[T]he [Cobb] County officials invoke their participation in a little program known officially as 287(g), but to us non-legal types: delegation of immigration authority. This program, established in 1995, allows state and local authorities to act on behalf of federal immigration agents. Wait ... isn't that what has the liberals so enraged right now about the Arizona law - allowing local authorities to enforce federal laws??
So where are all the protests denouncing Georgia as racist and bigoted and anti-immigrant?

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By the way, I made a mistake in yesterday's post. Haagen-Dasz ice cream cost $5 per pint in the 1980s, not quart. Pint. And Früzen-Glädje was no better.

All of that's kind of fallen by the wayside, though, because Ben & Jerry's came along. Now, not only can they pay a premium price for ice cream; they can support their rich ex-hippie cohorts by buying the stuff.

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It's a really nice day outside, but I slept in, on purpose. I can do whatever-the-hell I want today (within the boundaries of legality, morality, and reason). It's supposed to be really nice tomorrow, too.

...I've got to work on drawing Mohammed tomorrow. Tomorrow is "Draw Mohammed" day, remember? Guess I'll have to clear the junk off the scanner....

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