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#2079: WTF, V?

Now that I've finally caught up on my TV viewing, there's something that bugged me about Tuesday night's season finale to V.

WTF did Anna do to the Earth's atmosphere? What's with the red clouds? It's really poor writing to show someone doing something at the very last moment of the show and not explain what the hell is happening.

I mean, the only information we were given was that it was a world-wide phenomenon. that it was part of Anna's master plan, and that she was doing it prematurely. Not even the slightest information given on what it was, or what it was supposed to do, or what effects it has other than the glowing red clouds at extreme altitude. I get that the glowing red clouds are supposed to be a super-dire portent; but of what?

It's a very cheap trick: show the viewer something visually stunning and explain nothing, then say, "Come back next season to find out what we just showed you!" *sigh*

The payoff for it had better be dyno-supreme.

* * *

...all I'm going to say about the season finale for House, MD is that he had goddamned better not be hallucinating again. If he is, there will be riots.

* * *

The season finale for Smallville is pretty simple to recover from. It's not very much of a cliffhanger; I am more suspenseful over WTF happened to Green Arrow than what's happening to Superman.

* * *

Still to come: the season finale for FlashForward. Tonight's ep shows what happens on April 26, the day everyone flashed forward to. Unless someone screwed up (or unless the series is ending, which I wouldn't put past ABC) tonight's ep is not supposed to be the season finale; at least, it was not announced as such.

It would take a very long entry to discuss my thoughts on this series. The TV series is an incredible synthesis of the book and new material, and the people responsible for it have really done an excellent job of making a story which is entirely different from the original work yet just as good if not better, which is something Hollywood seldom manages to pull off. (Most of the time they can't even get the source material right.)

* * *

...leaving only Doctor Who. The most recent new ep I saw featured Amy Pond trying to get inside the Doctor's pants...and the Doctor reacted the way he damn well should react: trying to avoid it.

I've discussed, before, my reasons for disliking the idea of the Doctor and his companions having romantic relationships; I don't think I need to repeat those comments here. Suffice it to say they also cover my dislike for Amy having a romantic interest in the Doctor.

The ending of everything else for the summer means I won't be as worried about missing "my stories", and that'll be something of a relief. This is the most cluttered TV viewing schedule I've had for years--every day there's something, except for Wednesdays and Sundays--and it's really a serious drain on time. The VCR helps so that I don't have to be right there in front of the TV when the show's running, but I still have to watch the thing sooner or later.

Tonight I had five and a half hours of recording to plow through, although some of that was redundant material and some was "padding".

"Padding": I never set the VCR to start recording on the dot. There's no synchronizing mechanism, so the VCR clock could be several minutes off the clock used by the TV network. I always set the timer to start five minutes before and stop five minutes afterwards to ensure I get the entire program.

Redundant: Spike TV is doing something asinine with the scheduling of the Powerblock, so I set the VCR to start recording at 9 and finish at 12. The first episode of the 'block actually started at 9:08, and the four shows were over long before 12--and the last two shows were reruns to boot--so I skipped a lot.

So, Doctor Who, two Powerblock shows, and the season finale of House, MD--three hours, less commercials, so actually closer to two hours and 24 minutes.

...which is why it's 4 AM and I still haven't had a shower. I'm-a going to go to bed once that's done, though.

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