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#2081: Rainy Friday

Thunder woke me up. It's okay; rain was predicted for today and tomorrow, and I don't really care. But a little while after I got up we had some powerful lightning going on. I was in the bathroom, on the can, and the lights flickered and BOOM. I felt the thunder--it came right through the seat!--as much as heard it. Okay, look, you should not be able to measure thunder on the Richter scale, I'm just saying....

* * *

So you've heard of "Shit My Dad Says" of course. Guess what? CBS is making a reality series out of it and some people are upset. I'm upset too; not over the profanotyped name but over the INCREDIBLY RANK FUCKIN' STUPIDITY AND CREATIVE BANKRUPTCY OF HOLLYWOOD.

* * *

Mom just came in and asked me a question:

"What do you call a black man flying an airplane?"

Me: (pause for thought, expecting to come up with the wrong answer) "A pilot?"

...I was supposed to ask, "What?" Because the punch line is, "A pilot, you racist!"

Sorry, Mom, for spoiling your joke.

* * *

My General Tao's chicken has too much red pepper in it. It's the first time the local Chinese place has made it this way. Too spicy, not enough sweet.

* * *

So, economy stuff, with minimal comments, 'cause I'm beginning to tire of beating a dead horse:

We were told that the Europe crises weren't going to have any effect on the US economy. Now we're being told otherwise. Big surprise.

Excluding the 1,000 point drop that happened whenever-the-hell-it-was, stocks posted their biggest daily loss since 2009. Over 300 points, because of employment numbers and European economic news.

Germany is talking down the Euro for reasons which mystify me. More correctly, Germany is warning of dire consequences if the debt crisis isn't dealt with pronto, but this is having the effect of talking down the Euro.

While we're about it: unemployment has apparently gone up again. I thought we posted a net jobs gain last month? There was all this crowing in the media about it, about the economic recovery, and suddenly the DJIA is dropping because of a weakening Euro and increasing American unemployment.

I'm not terribly surprised that the media is reporting everything uncritically, even though half of what they report contradicts the other half. These days, reporters simply take press releases and rewrite them; little actual investigation takes place which cannot be done with a hidden camera and "gotcha" reporting.

I don't think there's any strategy here. It's incompetence, because half the news makes their guy look bad even while the other half (which is contradicted by the first half) makes him look good. It does tend to engender a sense of confusion among the regular folk, and eventually fatigue will numb them to any economic news--and that can only work in the Democrats' favor. Once people stop paying attention to the economy, and how bad it is, then the Democrats can sell whatever BS they can think of.

* * *

Here are two perspectives on an SEIU protest at a bank executive's home which is (by far and away) totally out of control:

The next-door neighbor opines.

Someone's take on the above story.

It's pure union thuggery.

I agree with Rachel Peepers (who would have done well to link the story in her post) that this is when you load up the drum magazine to your "street sweeper" semiauto shotgun, open the front door, and tell 'em to disperse or you'll start shooting.

Tell the police to get their asses out here and bust this shit up or there'll be shots fired. Remember: it's self-defense if you feel your life is in danger, and who would not feel threatened by a mob of 700 screaming people on his front lawn?

Better have two drums handy.

* * *

No, I don't think you can get a drum-fed semiauto shotgun. Not in this country, anyway. Some liberal would wet his pants if he saw one.

* * *

...a picture of one.

* * *

Why do we even bother to have immigration enforcement personnel? I mean, if we're not going to enforce the law, and if the people responsible for dealing with immigration issues can simply decide not to bother with illegals from a state with politically incorrect immigration laws--why do we even have these people on the payroll? Why have the expensive federal apparatus in place?

Seems to me the government is spending $1.68 for every dollar it takes in, and we could stand to pare a few things out of the budget. Sounds to me as if we're wasting the money we spend on the Immigration and Customs Enforcement division, because they certainly don't seem to be interested in, I don't know, actually doing their goddamned jobs.

The guy quoted in this article talks a lot about what ICE intends to do, but intentions won't fix a damn thing, and these asshats know it.

The federal government isn't interested in solving the problem, and it doesn't care what it costs the border states; but the border states have to do something about it because they're the ones bearing the bulk of the burden (costs both monetary and human) for the feds' lack of concern.

Heck, Washington, D.C., is on the other side of the country from there. Why should the bureaucrats care? No one they know is being shot by Mexican drug gangs.

* * *

Meanwhile, Arizona continues to lead the way in showing how we can solve the problem without mass deportations. Boortz is right: this issue will be even uglier than the first one.

* * *

I'm an advocate of emplacing immigration laws like Mexico's. Could Calderon be upset with the United States if we emplaced laws like Mexico's laws?

As bad as Mexico is--and it's not actually as bad as some would have you think--it's paradise compared to countries farther south. And plenty of people south of Mexico want to get to the United States, too, but they've got to go through Mexico to get there. (And some of them just stop in Mexico; hence the problem.)

(Also those people from central America might take American jobs that Mexicans want. But I've really been trying to cut down on my cynicism and derision. It's not easy; I think quitting smoking would be easier.)

* * *

Guy stuffing a turbocharged Chevy LS engine into a Ford Focus. The guy apparently has a) money; b) time; and c) skills, because this is a big freakin' job.

I wouldn't have minded putting the Escort engine into the '86 Fiero (it would have required a lot less fabrication than what this guy's doing) but it wasn't in the cards. *sigh*

Well--I had a good project in just rebuilding the engine and doing the R&R work on the Escort. And the Escort is slowly coming along, and I'm trying to think of little things to customize now that the repair work is mostly finished.

I'm beginning to wish I'd port-matched the cylinder head; but if I'd tried to do that, I probably wouldn't have gotten around to changing the engine yet!

I can still take the cyl head off the old engine, port it, and have a valve job done...and then it's just a cylinder head kit to swap 'em. The valve job would cost more than the gasket and bolt set. But that'll have to wait a while, because I can't justify spending money on performance modifications. If it was something the car needed to be drivable, that'd be different, but it's not. Priorities!

...I do want to pull the head and get a look inside that engine, though, to see why it was burning oil. Sooner or later....

* * *

Looks like we'll be firing up the A/C this weekend. They've predicted temps in the high 80s for Sunday and Monday, and tomorrow it'll be close to 80. (I might jump the gun and fire it up tomorrow.)

* * *

Amaleni is 80th level, and I ran around Zul'Drak last night trying to clean out the quest log. Because she's at the highest level, quests now pay money instead of experience. I should soon be able to afford an epic flying mount and training for same, but the training costs 5,000 GP. O_O So I've got a way to go yet.

* * *

So: about ten days until the Danica! Patrick! 500. "Official" summer is nearly upon us.

I started re-re-re-re-(re?)-watching Haruhi Suzumiya, in chronological order, last night. I've watched the first four episodes and I'm enjoying it, as always. Well, I need to do something besides World of Warcraft.

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