atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#208: I like it even more might almost think I'm one of them artsy types.

* * *

After looking at the second page of chapter three--what there is of it--I realized that the composition of the page is all wrong.

The first panel will be the same--showing Megumi and Jun reacting to a scream from inside their teacher's apartment.

The second panel will be the same size as it is now, but it'll feature a frontal view of Megumi using her two-black-belts-in-karate mojo to bust the door in.

The third panel--which will take up most of the page--will be a low perspective view from behind right of their teacher, who is reacting to their entrance, wearing pajamas, with a Playstation controller in one hand. In the foreground, the catchplate from the door will bounce off the floor with the sound effect TOK.

This is an example of interesting page composition! ...and I'm going to have to pull out all my artistic stops to make it look like anything at all... *sigh*

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