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#2082: Toyota, WTF?

A recall has been prompted by a steering problem in some Lexus models. How the effervescent bloody hell can the steering wheel get misaligned briefly?

If the steering wheel does not have a direct mechanical connection to the steering mechanism which actually moves the wheels, that's how.

Now, understanding the principle of "fail safe" as I do, I have to believe that this isn't the case, that the steering mechanism in question actually isn't "drive by wire", but as usual the details are obscured in a morasse of poor reporting.

Apparently Toyota put some kind of variable ratio steering system in the thing--microprocessor controlled--and the fix is "replacing the computer processor".


* * *

Really, really rich person fled socialism in the 1970s. Mick Jagger, England, because he didn't like paying a 90% tax rate.

No idea what Jagger's politics are; but considering the average, he's probably fairly left-of-center.

* * *

Pat Boone on Mexico's immigration laws. And Wolf Blitzer actually pinned Calderon down on them.

It's a worthwhile read.

* * *

Daley is a moron. Anyone living in Chicago knows this.

Other gun news: there are three bills going before the Illinois House of Representatives which are meant to make it harder and more onerous for legal gun owners to own guns.

1) A bill requiring that all firearm transfers be accomplished via a licensed firearm dealer.

In Illinois, if you wish to own a firearm, you must obtain a FOID card (Firearm Owner ID) which certifies that you've passed a background check and that you're legally entitled permitted to own a firearm. Before you sell your gun to someone, you're required by law to verify that he has a valid FOID card; and if he doesn't, you're committing a felony if you sell him the gun anyway.

The theory behind this bill is that it will make harder the illegal transfers of firearms to unlicensed individuals. Of course, if neither party gives a rat's ass about the law (which covers anyone who illegally obtains/carries/uses a firearm) it's not going to stop any such transfer. It just makes it more illegal.

2) A bill prohibiting the sale to Illinois residents of any firearm or gun-related hardware made in Illinois.

That's right: we'll allow you to make [whatever] here but we won't let you sell it here.

We want the tax revenue of your business and your employees but we don't want the people of our state to be able to own anything you make.

3) Guns have to be carried in a locked case.

...I don't get this one. Guns already have to be carried in a locked case. For instance, if you're going to the range for a bit of practice, your gun must be unloaded and stored in a locked case, preferably inaccessible from the driver's seat. (What do you do if you own a pickup truck? Put it behind the seat, I suppose.)

I have no idea what, exactly, this law does. Maybe make it more illegal to be carrying your gun in an unlocked case? And the law, I am told, is vague as to what is considered to be "enough" of an enclosure.

If the theory is, "This will make it harder for people to steal guns" who the hell can steal a gun from a moving vehicle? And if you stop at the store for something, and someone steals the locked case, how hard do you think it is to bust the lock and get the gun out?


...what it amounts to is--as I said--anti-gun morons trying to make owning and using firearms more difficult for law-abiding citizens. Because none of this makes life harder for criminals.

* * *

Miscellany from the Curmudgeon Emeritus. Good stuff as always.

He links to this piece on the sinking of the South Korean military ship by a North Korean ship.

And the Obama administration gives NK a free pass:
Just hours after the incident, Washington leaned on President Lee Myung-bak to stay quiet and forego retaliation for the ghastly crime. The Obama administration has so far failed to label the torpedo attack an act of war. On Thursday, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said that North Korea had already been punished merely because it had further isolated itself from the international community by committing the horrific act.
Oh yeah, that'll prevent further incident, all right.

Nice: just like Carter in 1979, Obama's response to an act of war is bloviation, equivocation, and inaction. Fortunately this wasn't an act of war against the United States; but it still may have dire consequences.

* * *

I tell you, that Billy Dee Williams has let himself go.

...Harrison Ford looks like a freakin' hobo.

* * *

It's a cool Saturday, and tomorrow the temp is supposed to be near 90°. Hello, summer!

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