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#2083: Are you ready for the Danica! Patrick! 500?

It's about a week away, and already Danica! Patrick! is making news!

She blames her car for a lousy time and gets booed for it.

"I’ve never been outside the top 10 on a finish or qualifying, so, it’s not my fault. The car is not good."

Oh, yeah, the car's the problem.

You know, if you're a professional-level athlete and you're in a signature race, you should be better about how you carry yourself than that. Saying "It's not my fault" doesn't cut the mustard; what you say is "We're going to have to dial the car in better" or "I'm not sure what went wrong out there, but I have confidence that we can find out and fix it before my next run" or something other than a petulant, "It's not my fault!"

It makes you look like a prima donna...and in racing, a prima donna is someone who actually wins races. More than once.

* * *

I watched a Craig Fergusen standup routine on Comedy Central while waiting for Doctor Who to come on. It took me a couple of hours to remember, after he mentioned it, his appearances on the Drew Carey Show. I finally remembered him as the head manager of the department store Drew worked at.

He wasn't funny at all in that role; I thought the character was annoying. That was around the time I almost totally stopped watching television anyway. (One of my friends got me interested in a couple of sitcoms--that show and Seinfeld, primarily--but I soon lost interest in them.)

There's nothing funny about his political humor; only liberals think his political humor is funny. Hint: for a joke to be funny it must contain an element of truth. His jokes about Republicans contain none.

He made a joke about his son (now 7) seeing a picture of him and George W. Bush and saying, "Dad, how could you--?" "I know, I know! That was before the trial!"

What trial? It would have been funnier if he had made some kind of joke out of Bush's unpopularity than to make up something about criminal charges. I'll laugh at my side if you make good jokes about them; but none of the jokes I've heard about guys on my side have been funny because there's no element of truth to them.

What it ends up being is just mean-spirited hammering of someone whose politics they don't like, piling on because it gets a cheap and easy laugh from the right audience.

Denis Leary made fun of Teddy Kennedy: "Good senator, bad first date, know what I mean?" The element of truth made it funny.

Funny: The Bloom County strip where Ronald Reagan opens his closet to find Binkley's anxiety in there. "Nancy, I've had it up to my kiester with this thing." It fit the popular perception of how Reagan talked and acted.

Not funny: Craig Fergusen doing an impression of Sarah Palin as a home shopping network hostess. Where the hell did this come from? (At the time she was still Governor of Alaska.)

Craig Fergusen is incredibly funny when he stays away from politics and doesn't reuse material too much. The problem with his show is that it's the same schtick over and over and over again, every night. When he did the Sarah Palin bit, it was the last straw and I stopped watching, because I wasn't finding him funny any longer.

Still, he dispensed with the politics BS early on and got down to the funny stuff, and the standup routine was hilarious. Much of the stuff he was saying about Bush was pretty amusing, though not "laugh out loud" funny, because it had the element of truth to it. (His dismay at discovering that Bush is actually a nice guy, for example.)

* * *

I have this habit of playing 10 hands of Freecell every time I can't figure out what I want to do. Right now I'm up to 6670 games won.

I sure could use a life.

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