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#2086: STOP SEIZING FOCUS DAMN YOU I am trying to do something in Firefox, and A-squared keeps taking focus to tell me it blocked this or that. It's fine, but don't make me click in the browser window to return focus to the browser!

And then I stop browsing and get set up to start bloggerating and Windows pops up a freakin' balloon to tell me "New Updates are available!" I DON'T FRICKIN' CARE! LEAVE ME ALONE!


My big gripe with all OSes in the world is that nothing should ever get in the way of the user trying to do what he's wanting to do unless there is an absolutely critical reason the user should have to pay attention to something else. (Such as, I don't know, "Your hard drive has caught fire. Extinguish? Yes/No".) I wish there was a general setting in the OS I could change that said "NO PROGRAM, APPLET, OR ALERT EVER GETS TO CHANGE FOCUS." It could display an overlay, but that ovelay would have to go away by itself after ten seconds or so, particularly if no user action is required.

A-squared is the bee's knees for keeping trojans and malware out of your system, but the constant popups are infuriating--and there's no way to get rid of them if you want to have the option of telling the thing it's okay to let this or that particular page load. (Otherwise, some URLs are permanently disabled, and there's no place you can edit the rules!)

* * *

On the plus side, the problem I was having with needing to log in to everything every time the browser restarted has fixed itself. I upgraded Firefox and rebooted the machine, so somewhere in there somewhere the problem was resolved.

* * *

Was Sestack offered a job by the White House not to run for the Senate? If so, someone's going to have to talk mighty fast to avoid jail.

What! What was I thinking? It's a Democrat administration! The press is going to ignore all this!

Never mind.

* * *

Traders expect the world economy to weaken in the coming months. Hello "double-dip recession"! Bye bye, Democrat majority in Congress!

...I hope. The Republicans over the past decade were not much better than the Democrats when it came to spending money, but they were better.

* * *

Even without that, money is tight for the average person who doesn't work for government. Incomes are shrinking, and government payouts are increasing.

* * *

The Anchoress starts with that, saying, "Hey, our newest car is nine years old. We’d love to help out the automakers by buying something new, but between the taxes, the raise-freeze, increased costs and so forth, it’s not happening this year."

I wouldn't mind buying a new car, either. Something fuel-efficient yet moderately sporty would be nice. But guess what? I'm unemployed!

Her links reinforce what she's saying.

Then she goes on to Obama, and there are two links in the following I won't reproduce here:
Go to Arlington Cemetery on Memorial Day? Not me, I’m just the Commander in Chief. Obama seems profoundly bored by any aspect of the presidency that does not advance his domestic agenda. What does not bore him, inconveniences him, like the oil spill in the Gulf. This will be his second “getaway” since that happened, what, 35 days ago? And patriotic stuff like observing Memorial Day appears to both bore and inconvenience.

I know, it’s tiresome, but the thought goes round and round: just imagine if it were Bush.
The first link informs us that Obama is spending Memorial Day in Chicago. The second is a link to an Ace of Spades post about that very subject.

Looks like someone doesn't understand the obligations of his position.

* * *

I can remember when dissent was patriotic. But now, it's "almost sedition".

Boortz mentions it.

Another take on it.

* * *

The cops may record the arrest, but you may not. That way if the cops misbehave, the only evidence of the crime can conveniently get "lost" and the government doesn't look bad.

* * *

A picture is worth a thousand words. So true.

* * *

Today I had to take Mom to the eye doc--the one who makes us wait 2-3 hours for a 20-minute appointment--and after dropping her off I hit Wendy's for breakfast and the bookstore for manga.

"Breakfast" was a Double, no cheese, no tomato.

"Manga" ended up being volume 2 of Bamboo Blade because there was nothing! else worth buying in the manga section. I checked out Rosario+Vampire but decided against it. I had a gander at a His and Her Circumstances omnibus (the first three volumes in one) but decided against it after seeing the phrase "the sky is deceitful" somewhere in the middle--WTF does that mean? Can you write any more purple? Screw that. The anime was okay for the most part (save the Gainax trainwreck ending) but do I really want to bother with the manga? The quoted phrase made the decision easy.

They had a handful of random volumes of Lovely Complex starting at #2. No.

There was a collection of four novellas including a Dresden Files one, but $8 for 1/4 of a paperback when you don't know anything about the other three authors? Pass.

Fortunately the BB volume introduced Sayako (finally!) and had a "set the book down and laugh helplessly for five minutes" hilarious scene in it. The anime should have had this scene in it; but since the anime wasted a lot of time on nonsense, there was no time for the good stuff. I'm going to get more of BB. Besides, it looks like there's more Sayako in the manga than in the anime.

We get to the kendo team's first match in volume 2 of the manga--how long did the TV series take to get that far? Granted you can't tell the story at the same speed in different media, but I think the producers focused on the wrong things. Oh well.

They had an entire shelf full of Dragon Ball in its various iterations. I wish I had 1/10th of Toriyama's money.

* * *

So I got back to the doctor's office around noonish and proceeded to wait in the parking lot, sweltering, for an hour and a half.

Some blonde woman who looked and acted like a drug rep pulled up next to me and idled for 20 minutes before going inside. Then she came out a little bit later and proceeded to idle for another hour. Good God, I wouldn't want to buy that car used. After she finally left ("Look, the car can move under its own power after all!" I muttered) there was a sizable puddle of condensation from the car's AC sitting on the pavement.

...probably bitches about the high price of gas, too. Or maybe not, if it's a company car and she gets travel reimbursement.

* * *

As promised it is cooler today than yesterday, but not by as much as they'd said it would be. The predicted high was 85 and it's 91 outside. Oh well. It was a few degrees hotter yesterday.

* * *

WoW: Amaleni dropped 1,000 GP on a cold weather flying book, and mailed it to Scythandra, so Scythandra can now fly in Northrend. She proceeded to explore Northrend via magic carpet, and got the "World Explorer" achievement, title, and tabard. Hoody hoo.

I've been working on Scythandra's tailoring, which means going to Outland and killing anything remotely humanoid which might be carrying netherweave cloth. I need a lot of it.

I've also been working on Amaleni's jewelcrafting. I got it to 330 after spending hours mining various ores and making things from them. But now I need "mercurial adamantine" and I'm not quite sure how to get it. At auction the stuff fetches 25 GP per bar; I need a cheaper source.

I'm thinking that alchemists make it. Which means what I really ought to do is fire up old Emwyn and power-level alchemy. Scythandra--having something like 430 in herbalism--can feed her the herbs she needs.... I don't know how far a 34th level character can go in any profession, but I'm willing to give it a go.

In fact, I think I'll go play WoW now. What else am I going to do? It's freakin' hot outside!

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