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#2088: Yeah, that "record warm year" last year was really warm, wasn't it?

It was so warm last year that the Sierra Nevada snow pack is at 167% of normal. And the warming continues to keep temperatures at record lows this year.

* * *

The Fed is telling us that Europe's money woes won't affect the US economy. Oh, is that who was saying that?

* * *

Is the Sestak job offer from the White House an impeachable offense? Is it too soon to start printing the "Impeach Obama" bumper stickers?

* * *

This story contains a detailed description of a grisly murder. The defense apparently plans a "not guilty by reason of insanity" defense, but when you take a hallucinogen and go nuts that's not legally defensible as "insanity", IMHO. Your culpability for the crime stems from taking a mind-altering drug (probably a controlled substance to boot); without that crime--committed while not insane, at least in a legal sense--the further crime of murder would not have occurred.

* * *

Weerd neatly sums my own attitude about the news that Obama will spend the Memorial Day weekend in Chicago and leave the wreath-laying to Biden.

Predictably, the Chicago Sun-Times was agog over Obama's planned return to the city. One columnist wrote--I paraphrase and sum here--"Oh, Obama's finally going to visit his hometown! He's finally going to be back! Oh, it's so great! Oh, it's so wonderful!"

* * *

Imagine if the shoe were on the other foot and it was the people who owed money to Rhode Island but couldn't pay because they were broke.

People of Rhode Island: SUE! That is your money they are holding onto!

* * *

Okay, Governer Christie of New Jersey has the official Fungus stamp of approval.

The Anchoress talks about him.

Hot Air summarizes. too.

Oh good gravy how long has it been since a politician worked like this man does? Why oh why can't more politicians be like him?

I wish the GOP collectively had a tenth of this man's spine.

* * *

Poor law enforcement personnel whining that they may actually have to do their jobs. Life is tough all over.

* * *

The EPA is federalizing Texas environmental enforcement? Do I understand this?

* * *

I still like Smallville, damn it. And I don't (and/or didn't) watch any of the others on this list. I watched Simpsons for a while but I was never really all that big a fan of the show.

I think I like Smallville precisely because I'm not into American comics and have no knowlege (other than basic generalities) of the intricacies of the Superman ouerve.

* * *

Doctor Hoo. Every last one of the Doctors, drawn as owls, and you can tell who they are. ("Hoo"? WTF-ever.)

* * *

Yeah, this sounds about right:


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