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#2090: Why am I so tired?

All I did today was cut the grass, and do a little light pruning, yet I feel like I did a hell of a lot more work than that. My arms hurt.

* * *

Dennis says, "Let's all panic!" Apparently one of the leading economic indicators is contracting--in perfect accordance with the prediction of anyone who knows something about economics--and it's not even necessarily bad, yet the Obama administration is panicking about it.

* * *

Obama is a wartime President, yet he's not going to be laying any wreaths in Arlington this year. He's going to let Biden do it, because after all that ceremonial stuff is just boring and tedious and beneath His Nibs, don't you know.

* * *

But we should shut up and be grateful that Obama finally held a press conference, 308 days after his last one!

...and of course his answers were fed to him via teleprompter. Who lets a President get away with using a teleprompter at a press conference? Why, the White House Press Corps, for one. (Though, to be fair, Obama wouldn't let 'em back in if they were critical of him in any way.)

* * *

The Chicago news media is really trying to make it look as if huge crowds had gathered to see Obama arrive in his neighborhood, but those huge crowds simply don't exist any longer. No matter where he shows up, he's more likely to see protest signs than supporters.

I have to wonder what the TV cameras didn't show from the Kenwood neighborhood the Obama family calls "home". And where Obama is hiding this weekend instead of, you know, doing his duty to the soldiers under his command by honoring the fallen soldiers in Arlington.

* * *

Ha! I scoff at this because there will never be competition in the educational system as long as the teachers' unions have their way.

* * *

Why be shocked or surprised that many Chinese factories are sweatshops? Did you really think people in the glorious workers' paradise of China actually think they live in a glorious workers' paradise, as opposed to an endless hell of drudgery?

* * *

A good post over at Non-Original Rants about gun crime in Chicago. I like all of it. It's three moderately-sized paragraphs, so just go over and read it. It's 100% on-target.

* * *

Power failure today, about three-quarter hour's worth, and it totally wonked the program guide in the satellite box. I couldn't set it to autotune anything, and there was a Modern Marvels ep about steam power on after the last episode of FlashForward.

FF ended. 90% of the storyline of the TV series was left completely unresolved. As the series ended, there was another flash forward, about 12 minutes after the first one was resolved. The second one took place while Mark Benford was trying to get out of the FBI building, which bad guys (presumably the main bad guys, since they were disguised as bomb squad dudes to get inside to kill Benford) had wired to explode with lots of bombs.

It sucks that this series is over. *sigh* apparently there's this new series starting June 20, Scoundrels, and the only reason I have even the slightest bit of interest in seeing it is that Virginia Madsen is in it. So I'll watch the pilot and see what I think.

* * *

Wait, I figured it out:

I was up until an ungodly hour. I think I didn't get to sleep before 7 AM. Scythandra was running around Netherstorm, following the Manaforge quest chain and gathering a shit-ton of netherweave.

Also, I discovered that the Scryers have a portal trainer! So I jumped onto Ormus for a bit and had him get the Shattrath portal.

Once I had decided it was time to sleep, though, I got into a conversation with some guildies, and that took another half hour at least.

On the plus side, it cooled dramatically last night. I opened my windows before going to bed and slept comfortably for six hours, before getting up and getting started on my day.

It makes me glad I didn't cut the grass on Tuesday, let me tell you.

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