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#2092: More about Danica! Patrick! from the Fiero forum

From someone who's on a pit crew at the track, no less. This quote is instructive:
That’s’ IT??!
“No stability or grip”?
“The car is not good”??!!
What the hell does that mean?
(and by the way, that’s EXACTLY the stuff she says over race comm. I’ve listen to it myself..
Panica: ”Guy’s, what the hell? This cars just not right!”
Crew Chief: “What’s it doing?”
Panica: “I don’t know, you guys set this up! It’s just not right!”
Crew Chief: “Well we have to have some idea Dan”
Panica: (audible “huff”), “I TOLD YOU, it’s not F—ing right!!”
Crew Chief: “Watch it Danica, this is an open channel.”
Panica: (another audible “huff) “Switching” (meaning she’s switching to a private radio channel)
I’ve heard this same basic conversation between her and the crew at 3 races.
I quit listening to her...
He refers to her as "Panica", and I might add "SIC" as I've done nothing to the punctuation or spelling or grammar.

Now, at least, I understand how the guy in charge of the racing team can let her have a crappy car: if the driver is incapable of explaining what's wrong with the handling, the mechanics have to guess.

But guess what? Here's a discussion about how a rule change has made the cars harder to drive. The rules ended up reducing downforce and making the cars a little slipprier, aerodynamically; it makes them faster but it also reduces the traction that's available for handling, accelerating, and braking. So these changes make the car more difficult to drive--and Danica! Patrick! isn't used to it.

Apparently the pit crew managed to guess well enough that she qualified for the race. *sigh*

* * *

Also from the forum: Forum founder/operator Cliff Pennock asks why the US doesn't want European help with the BP oil spill.

He gets answers. Some of them are really interesting but most agree that it's all about liability--both monetary and political.

* * *

As for me, I can't hear anything out my right ear. Well, no; that's not entirely correct. The input signal is severely attenuated. How it happened was this way:

Friday afternoon Mom had an appointment with a local lawyer to clear up some business. I shaved and showered for the appointment as I was going in, too; and my right ear plugged up with water.

It's been doing that for the past week. Take a shower, right ear goes bloop! and I can't hear anything until I stick a finger in there and wiggle it. The first time this happened I got "swimmer's ear" so after subsequent showers I grabbed some Q-tips and swabbed the water out; no biggie.

I had to run out the door immediately after my shower (YES I got dressed first) and had to leave the swabbing part until after we got home. Problem: it messed something up, because once I'd swabbed out my ear, everything was muffled.

I went to Walgreens and picked up a ear wax removal kit. And rather than help matters even incrementally, the ear wax removal kit only made things worse. (I am not even remotely surprised by this, either. They never work. Maybe there are people out there with perfect ear canals who these things work for, but not me.)

So here I sit, planning to go see the doctor in the morning. My complaint will be, "I can't hear out my right ear. I know it's just plugged up with ear wax; I want it cleaned out."

Yeah, "blow it out your ear!" I WOULD IF I COULD! *sigh*

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