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#2093: These things always happen on holiday weekends.

Ear: still plugged. Why? Because the clinic my doctor works at is running a sorely reduced staff this weekend, because it's a holiday weekend. First day I can get in to see doctor? Tuesday, because Monday is a holiday.

I could go to the urgent care clinic or the ER, if I wanted to pay twice the fees, all of which would end up being "out of pocket". No "Cadillac" health care plan here; my deductible is $2,000 and the plan pays nothing until that deductible is met. (It's more like a "beater Chevette" health care plan. With a $130 per month payment.)

The ear is not painful and I know it's just plugged--it cleared for about ten minutes last night after I posted about it, but plugged up again--so this isn't an emergency; it's just annoying as all get-out.

So I get to hear out of one ear until Tuesday.

On the plus side: Mom has an appointment with that selfsame doctor Tuesday morning, so the receptionist simply slotted me in right behind her appointment. That works out well. A tiny convenience which sadly does not offset the large inconvenience of being half-deaf all weekend.

* * *

How's that economic recovery going? "Dow Ends Worst May Since 1940", that's how.

The article is full of economic doom and gloom. How about war between N and S Korea looming on the horizon? How about Spain's debt rating being downgraded? Ain't things just peachy?

No. Apparently the dollar's all set up for a collapse sometime in the next few months. But the collapse will take it back to $0.81, which is where it started the rapid rise which leads to the conclusion that it's going to collapse.

No idea what this collapse will mean, if it takes place.

* * *

I wasn't going to link or discuss this article but I had to after reading this:
In Grand Isle, 17-year old Hanna Lemoie posted a sign she painted that read "BP ... we want our beach back."

"The beach, the waves had like orange oil coming in and it made me mad because there was nobody cleaning it up and I felt helpless," Lemoie said.
Honey, how do you get to that beach? Do you drive a car to get there? Do you take the bus to get there? While you're there, do you listen to an iPod while you slather sunscreen from a plastic bottle onto your skin? Do you drink bottled water kept cool with ice in a cooler?

Look: I bemoan the environmental damage caused by the oil spill, but if we want the oil (and the benefits that oil use garners us) then we have to accept that sometimes there are accidents, and sometimes these accidents lead to undesirable outcomes. Okay, it's messy and greasy and it's killing stuff--but the ecosystem will recover and the damn well's not going to be leaking forever. And our civilization needs oil to operate.

You'll get "your" beach back, dumbass, and it won't take more than a couple years after the leak is stanched for the ecosystem around there to recover from it. Prince William Sound (site of the Exxon Valdez spill) recovered astonishingly fast, and it was a smaller area than the Gulf of Mexico.

* * *

Hell no you couldn't get away with this in Illinois.

* * *

Today is warmer than yesterday. It's a nicely hot day without being stultifying hot, like it was last week. Oh, it'd be a perfect day for going out on the lake...if I had a boat or personal watercraft. And a vehicle which could tow same. (Well--the Jeep could easily pull even a double PWC trailer.)

(I'm not sure that's a correct use of "stultifying", but I like the sound of it, so I'm leaving it.)

Dad never let us have a pool because of the liability and upkeep concerns, and I'm not inclined to set up a pool in the yard of a house I don't own (it's Mom's house, not mine) and don't pay the homeowner's insurance on.

So what do I do on a day like this? Stay indoors, play WoW, and/or sleep.

* * *

This plugged-up ear is annoying. It's not just the asymmetrical sound, though that's part of it; it's the stuffed-up feeling. Argh etc.

Well: Indy 500 tomorrow at noon, the only race I watch; and probably not much else on the docket for this weekend. Grilling brats, probably on Monday. Uh, and...sleep and WoW. Yeah.

Such a stimulating life I lead--but to be honest, I don't mind.

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