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#2096: Stupid ear.

So this morning I finally get in to see the doctor, and guess what?

It's infected and I have to take amoxicillin until the infection goes away. Then they can clean it out.


* * *

More stupidity. Yeah, make your iPhone look like a freakin' gun. That will never cause any trouble; oh no.

* * *

How the leader of the glorious workers' paradise of North Korea lives.
n the early 1990s, trade figures leaked to the media revealed that Kim was the largest single consumer of Hennessy cognac, importing more than $650,000 worth of top-of-the-line stock per year for his private collection.

Yes, a love for top-shelf cognac is another thing KJi has in common with the rap community.

This particular liquor sells for $650 in Korea. However, the average Korean worker earns about $900 a year. So... yeah...
I'm sure the average citizen of NK would be proud to know that his efforts help glorious leader stave off the killing stress of leading NK.

...or something.

* * *

Nine rounds but they don't say how many bullets actually hit the bear.

I am afraid of anything which can take nine .45 calibur bullets without dying immediately.

* * *

Kyaaa ha ha ha ha ha. Restaurant workers skip work to attend a rally against Arizona's new immigration law, and get fired.

C'mon: if thirteen people decide not to show up for work, how can you run the restaurant that day?

"...[F]or thirteen people, taking a chance to secure a future was more important than another day of work." Well, now they can go ahead and take as many "chances to secure a future" as they want, because they certainly don't have to worry about petty little things like their freakin' jobs any longer.

If I lived in Chandler, AZ, I'd be eating at that restaurant right now. And I'd make sure to tell the server that I was there to support their management's sound business practices.

* * *

One of the things the liberal elites on the east coast can't seem to get their heads around is that Sarah Palin is pretty popular in Alaska, particularly in her hometown of Wasilla.

So when a bonehead journalist who is writing a book about Sarah Palin rents the house right next door to the Palin home, and his creepy observations lead them to erect a privacy fence, it only seems natural that someone should warn the guy that if he gets creepy enough that the Palins feel threatened, they can shoot his dumb ass dead, legally.

Of course the guy's not going to do anything that would make the Palins fear for their safety. The editorial is meant as humor, and it's a subtle reminder to the east coast journalist that Ms. Palin is much better liked around there than east coast liberals.

* * *

Boortz reminds us we have to drill for oil in deep water because econazis managed to ban drilling in shallow water. He also points out that if the current leak were under 500 feet of water, rather than a mile of water, it would have been capped weeks ago. You can send people down to 500 feet. Not so 5,000 feet, not without some pretty exotic gear.

* * *

The guy who suggested that reporters should be licensed by government is a Republican?

Wait a minute: Boortz says he's a Democrat.

A Google search on "Bruce Patterson Michigan" turns up a whole mess of hits which say "Republican".

Sorry, Neal; I can see why you'd make that mistake, but you're wrong.


The guy is a Republican? In Name Only, I'd say! let's wait for the wails from the Left: "Licensing is the first step towards censorship!"

(Hey guys? When we say "licensing is the first step towards confiscation" about guns you start bloviating about the logical phallacy of "the slippery slope" and otherwise trying to deflect the criticism. I'm just saying. Hey, gander! --how's that sauce?)

"Freedom of the press" means no government control on what can be said. There are certain constitional limits, but I'm pretty sure that licensing reporters is a number of steps beyond that particular line.

This law is a bone-headed idea from a bonehead who should switch to Democrat and improve the IQ of both parties.

* * *

As for me, the doctor decided to put me on a diuretic for my blood pressure (140 over 100) and told me to lose weight. *sigh* I know I'm a fatass and he's right; I've gained 15 pounds since I lost my job at Target and it's not going to get any better unless I start getting exercise again. I got a workout every time I worked a shift at Target (walking an average of 8 miles and moving literal tons of freight per night) but that ended when my job there ended. And my caloric intake didn't change to reflect that. And I was on the heavy side to begin with.

...actually my ass is not fat; just my gut.

My diastolic has been high for a number of years--since 2002 at least--so I wasn't terribly surprised by this. 140/100 is too high for my taste; we'll see how the pills work, and we'll also see if I can get into good enough shape that I no longer need them.


As a teenager, I used to do all kinds of things that kept me skinny: mow the grass every week with a regular lawn mower, not self-propelled; walk home from school every day, about half a mile; roller skating on weekends; riding my bike to get places most of the time. In May of 1985 I roller skated some five miles continuously (or was it ten?) on Chicago's lakefront and it wasn't the only time I did something like that; that was in the middle of my skating career. I was in shape, and weighed about 170 pounds; most of my friends had some excess pudge but I did not. (One friend worked as a caddy at a nearby golf course; he was in the same kind of condition as I.)

So I know I can be in that kind of condition if I really want to be. The question is, how well motivated am I? I probably won't ever be less than 200 pounds again (probably not less than 250 in fact) but if I can ride a bike 10 miles without being worn out at the end of the ride I'll accept being a bit pudgy.

It does mean I'm going to have to be a lot more careful about portions and menu selections. I'll have to get back into having big salads with meals, too. *sigh* It sucks to age, but it sucks more not to age. Right?

* * *

Diet aid: find (or take) the most unflattering photograph of myself possible, one which showcases my rotundity. Post it on the fridge and in other strategic locations. I wonder if that would help?

* * *

The weather today is right on the edge. If we open the windows it'll be too hot in here; but it really isn't too hot outside. It's 82°, and the humidity is not bad. It's reasonably pleasant if you're in the shade. It's not quite hot enough that one can definitely say, "We need the AC on."

But it's just hot enough that if we shut the AC off and open the windows, it'll be a freakin' sauna in here in no time.

(If we leave the windows shut and turn the AC off? It'll get hot in here.)

Tomorrow should be cooler.

* * *

I played a bit of WoW last night, and finally got Scythandra's tailoring skill over 350. Now she can finally make stuff out of frostweave; and in fact I got her skill to 375 just by making frostweave bolts from all the frostweave I'd been saving in my bank, so I was able to buy a few other recipes for frostweave items. So now she's a grand master in both tailoring and herbalism.

I also leveled her fishing skill past 150, from 11. And her cooking skill, too, though I can't remember where it left off.

In any event, the session was mostly nice and low-key. I did a random dungeon, though, which was pretty frantic. Oh well.

I'm going to start trying to do more randoms with my upper-echelon characters, just because you need the various kinds of emblems--and lots of them--to buy high-level gear after you reach 80. Scythandra is 75th level; if I run a random every day I play her, by the time she gets to 80 she should have quite a stash of them.

* * *

I can't believe it's already June!

* * *

I really haven't got anything else. I hit the sack around 6 AM this morning (after getting up around 1 AM) and slept for a whopping three hours before I had to get up and get ready to go see the doctor. So I'm going to go back to bed....

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