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#2103: The old machines are still alive.

This Fiero forum thread starts off with a post about the company using the Commodore and making computers.

They offer all-in-one machines, with your choice of OSes (including Ubuntu or Win 7). "Phoenix"--how appropriate.

Look at all the machines you can use to run a C-64 emulator!

Look at all the stuff you can get for the old Atari systems!

...if I were still into that level of tinkering with computers I'd probably be all over it.

* * *

The White House has battled back, releasing a timeline of events showing that Obama was briefed--and deploying the Coast Guard--within 24 hours of the Deepwater Horizon blowout.

What has not been previously disclosed: The president was not only briefed on the real-time events of the spill, but also on just how bad it would be—and how hard it would be to plug the hole.
So Obama knew.

Ms Scalia goes on to say:
Hey, America, I knew it was hopeless, and I couldn’t change anything, so I couldn’t see the point of accepting the help of 17 nations offering their technology and their expertise in attempting to contain the damage as much as possible; no point in even attempting to use supertankers to try to remove as much oil from the surface as possible, even if they have to do it for months.

Hey, America, I knew it was bad, so there was no sense in telling you anything, or in helping Governor Jindal try to protect the marshlands and coasts of Louisiana.
Yeah. I could link the things Ms. Scalia links; but rather I'll just say go read. I can wait.

But if Obama fucks off and does nothing about it, then the Democrats have a massive ecological crisis and can tell the American people: "See? See? This is what happens when you drill for oil offshore! Do you want this to happen again and again?"

The ecological disaster gives them all kinds of pictures and video footage of ecological damage to show whenever anyone says they want to start drilling for oil. "Look at what happened in the Gulf of Mexico because we were drilling for oil! We simply cannot tolerate this kind of ecological damage!"

You think they won't? Price of energy, the functioning of the economy be damned--this spill was tailor-made for Democrat energy policy and they're going to milk it for everything it's worth. The worse the spill is, the better it is for Democrats.

The press sure as hell doesn't give a rat's ass about the ecological damage which is occurring precisely because Obama is purposely sitting on his hands. They're going to do their damnedest to insure Obama is insulated from the issue because he is their guy.

* * *

But I have to comment about one of her links: "Obama fails the test of leadership."
Obama’s detached performance with respect to this massive and growing crisis — the ripple effects of which could still be with us on Election Day 2012 — is generally portrayed as a PR meltdown and a simple failure to step up by an understandably beleaguered Obama.

“It’s impossible not to feel sorry for President Obama,” writes Maureen Dowd in The New York Times, “pummeled by the cascading disasters, at home and abroad.”

Well, it’s possible.

Obama’s failure to convey any hint of genuine emotion, to rouse the American people to turn their hearts toward the Gulf and to assure them that their world — still built on the plentiful supply of fossil fuels — is not falling apart, is a profound failure of leadership.

Instead of offering reassurance, the president is using the crisis to promote his political agenda, hankering for alternative energy and climate change legislation in Congress — though there won’t be any significant replacement of carbon-based power sources for years to come.
"Understandably beleaguered"? What's he "beleaguered" with? Jughead took a vacation right in the middle of the damn crisis we're talking about.

I don't feel sorry for Obama. He's got the job he wanted, and guess what? It's not a freakin' bowl of cherries. The President has long hours and a lot of responsibility (at least, when he doesn't shirk it as Obama did this past Memorial Day!) and half of the perks he's got are there merely because his time is invaluable.

* * *

Considering that my first name is "Edward" this wouldn't bother me at all. I do take umbrage with my name being co-opted for a faggy pseudo-vampire pedophile, though.

* * *

Another "Failbook" post, and this one is just sad. "I just found out that one of the guys I had sex with over Christmas break is HIV positive."

SO: you had sex with more than one partner in, what, a 2-week period? Judging by the use of the term "hooked up" you had casual sex with these partners? AND judging by the freakout, you had unprotected sex with them?


And you're surprised that you were exposed to an STD?

Oh, yeah, sex education really works well, doesn't it? I mean this girl was clearly well-equipped to understand the risks of promiscuous and unprotected sex, wasn't she?

(I know, I know: just because someone is taught something doesn't mean it sinks in.)

The real tragedy of this is how preventable it is. Condoms, bitch!

Do you know why our culture used to frown on extra-marital sex? Why so many cultures have that custom, at least to begin with? Because these policies prevent unwanted pregnancies and the spread of disease, that's why. It's not perfect, but no system is; and it certainly worked well enough to persist for centuries.

The most tragic thing about the sexual revolution is that it has ruined more lives than it has enhanced.

* * *

It's amazing how quiet it is when you don't have two 20" box fans running at full speed.

This house is a ranch house, and was originally designed with a full basement. The problem was, the roof was designed with a "modern" (1960s' modern) twist: the crest sloped from front to back. The peak of the roof was higher in front than in back.

Dad didn't like that element--everything else was fine--and since the house was being built to suit, he had it changed. (Which is good, because that would have looked like utter ass.) The expense of having an architect alter the plans meant something had to go; and that "something" ended up being the full basement. There is a core area which is basement; but under the bedrooms and dining and living rooms is crawl space.

The problem is, the ventilation of this room suffered because of it. With the furnace blower running, you get a whisper of a breeze from the vent.

I don't know how or why this is. There's got to be a problem with the routing or something, but I've never been in the crawlspaces. I don't feel like mapping out how the ducts are arranged. And even if I did know, there would be approximately bupkis I could do about it. But no matter what you do--no matter how many other vents you close--this room gets only a little of the HVAC system's output.

In winter it's not such a problem. It's cooler in here than the rest of the house, but I just put on sweatpants and a sweater and I'm fine, most of the time. (During really cold snaps I may wear a hat.)

In summer it's a problem if I'm on the computer. And guess where I spend my free time? I have a fan in the hallway blowing cool air into the room and the fan by my bed, both running, when it's hot and the AC is on. It keeps it livable in here but Lord is it noisy.

The other option is to take a smaller box fan and put it over the register; that helps draw air through the duct and into the room. But a 20" fan won't fit there because of how the furniture is arranged, and you can't get smaller box fans any more. (Except tiny 8" ones. I had one; its motor died after serving in that role last year. *sigh*)

The fan noise is white noise and it's easy enough to ignore, at least consciously...but oh boy when I can shut them off, I feel relieved.

* * *

Of course, then my cat's incredibly loud grooming gets on my nerves. This cat makes more noise grooming herself than any cat I've ever encountered. Cripes.

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