atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2104: Gaming the statistics

Ask a census worker how many times he's been hired for the job he's doing. No, seriously.

In other words, employment is still in the shitter.

Guess what? We're boned!

* * *

Obama can't even have Gibbs mention D-Day?

* * *

Via Og, I've got Rich's Garage added to the blogroll.

In mid-April Rich bought himself an unmolested! 1967 Mustang. It's a 6-cylinder with a 3-speed, but it's unmodified and he reports that it's solid. I look forward to reading more about this.

Poor guy needs an engine hoist.

* * *

The end of this post by Alan Caruba contains useful and important information about the BP spill. I'll quote the salient part in its entirety; read the post for context.
Editor's Note: Here's an explanation for the BP oil rig disaster provided by a veteran oil industry professional. You are not likely to read this anywhere in the mainstream media, but you will find it here!

"A drilling engineer never, never, never, never replaces heavy mud with light saltwater.

That is a No-No on every well, even on dry land. The reason for the heavy mud is to overcome the high pressures found in deep reservoirs. No doubt that was what the argument was all about before the explosion—replacing heavy mud with light saltwater.

The natural gas at the top of the reservoir simply pushed the light saltwater out of the hole. When anyone sees fluid, in this case saltwater, coming out of the well, that is the clue to shut the blowout preventers.

Fluid had to be coming out of the well before the natural gas arrived at the surface. (Physics) Someone was assigned to watch this! Someone saw this! There was still time to prevent a disaster after seeing fluid coming out of the well.

Failure to close the blowout preventers when fluid was coming out of the well was fatal and caused the explosion."
SIC, mainly because I don't feel like fixing the chapter quotes.

* * *

So this morning I was returning to my room and found one of my slippers out in the hallway, toe to the wall. I didn't put it there. I knew who did: one of my two cats.

Luna (named after the cat in Sailor Moon) will--when she's feeling frisky--inexplicably put her front paws in the slipper and then push it with her hind legs, and she always does it from the heel end. In this case the slipper happened to be pointing out into the hall, and off she went.

This is why I can't put them anywhere and expect to find them both in the same place I left them: the cat moves them. Unless I put them somewhere where they are facing a solid object--which is less convenient for me--and even then she'll occasionally worry one out and away.

It's not really a big deal; it's just funny.

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