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#2106: Is Obama TRYING to piss off EVERYONE?

"Everyone" including his own supporters? He lifted a 24-year-old ban on whaling--for what?

Apparently the Obamatroids' theory is that if we end the ban, the three countries which still hunt whales won't exploit loopholes in the ban.

...but...but...they won't have to because it'll be legal. How is that going to save "thousands of whales over the next decade?" Sput...firp...bfffdsa...*GLACK*

* * *

Yeah, my brain just imploded. Sorry about that.

This is going to piss off a lot of hard left eco-nazis. (Wait, that may have been redundant.) Then again: who else will they vote for? Republicans? Hardly. Basically it'll come down to a vote between Greens and Democrats, and Greens don't get much traction in the US.

I don't think Jughead really knows what he's doing.

* * *

Oooh boy! I'll bet Arizona is REALLY sorry about that immigration law now! Hall and Oates are boycotting the whole state!

It's such devastating news! It's horrible! However can Arizonans live now? I''s...Hall and Oates! And they're not going to perform!


I'm sorry! I'm sorry, I just had to take a moment, because I am weeping uncontrollably here. This is such a tragedy! If only Arizona wasn't so racist, then Hall and Oates would sing and the music would be wonderful, but...but! Oh, God, where is thy grace when we are in such need? This is so horrible I don't think I can bear to go on! I mean...Hall and Oates are not going to sing for Arizona!

*sobs uncontrollably*

This is the end! I simply cannot take any more! Goodbye, cruel world!


* * *

Okay, seriously: If you two has-been douchebags want to give up a chance to earn money solely because of a law you don't like, you go right the fuck ahead. Do you know who you're actually hurting with this stupid crap? I mean, really?

Take out your wallets and look at them. That is what you're hurting with this petulant idiocy: your own back pocket. The only people you'll disappoint are your own fans, who--I would think!--would be few and far between some twenty-five years after your biggest commercial success.

These dicks are essentially saying, "Yeah, we don't like Arizona's new immigration law, so fuck you, our fans in Arizona! That's right: FUCK YOU! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Ha ha ha ha ha! Fuck you!"

* * *

The Anchoress remains critical of Obama's response to the BP oil spill and I can't say I blame her.

Ms. Scalia has done an excellent job of keeping up with what's going on in this story, and her criticism is well-articulated to the point that I can't think of anything to add to it. Not even wisecracks--which is a rarity--and so all I can do is point lamely at her posts with my mouth hanging open: "Duh, what she said."

She links this piece at American Thinker and I've got to take exception to a bit she blockquotes:
The hardware and ancillary equipment necessary to deal with a seabed blowout is well understood. (This information has been nicely presented elsewhere, here in particular, but we'll repeat it because the exercise is so fulfilling to the soul.) Floating booms trap the oil and keep it from dispersing. Burn booms isolate floating oil and set it ablaze. Tankers can be equipped to sweep the oil off the ocean surface. Not a single one of these items was available to any of the parties responsible for responding to a potential disaster in the Gulf. Not BP, not the Interior Department, not the federal government as a whole. The feds tried to borrow a fire boom from a private party. To what purpose is difficult to surmise -- a single boom would be about as useful as a plastic bucket in a disaster of this magnitude. Much of the past month and a half has been spent playing catchup on the equipment front, and we have not yet seen the end of it.
The hardware and ancillary equipment necessary to deal with a huge oil spill is well-understood. But as I noted in an earlier post, no one's had to deal with this kind of problem before. These past 50 days, BP has been writing the how-to book on dealing with a deep water wellhead blowout.

Other than that technical detail, though, the post she linked to is dead-on.

* * *

As for me, it nearly took an act of Congress, but I finally got to sleep around 5 PM.

I almost got to sleep five times. First time, some douche on a motorcycle roared past. Second time, cat dragged a string into the room, meowing. Third time, some douche in a mobile boom box went past. Fourth time, cat ran over my feet.

I rather unfairly blamed the cat. "Fuckin' cat!" I hollered, and threw a pillow at her. I finally calm down and I'm starting to drift off again when rap rap rap some asshat comes to the door trying to sell weed/fertilizer service. Growling, I got up and dressed, and was hanging around the kitchen trying not to go to the door and scream like a madman. Mom was politely trying to decline and the guy was pressing the issue.

If the discussion had gone on so much as one second longer than it did, I would have stormed to the door and snapped, "We don't want it! Go away." I'm sure I would have looked like a raving lunatic, too.

Well, hell--by then, I practially was. I get really, really cranky when I want to sleep and am woken up just as I'm getting to sleep, and it's worse the more it happens. You want me in a homicidal frenzy, just do that a dozen times or so, and I'll mow down entire regiments with a butter knife. In my underwear.

After the fertilzer douche left, I banished the cat from the bedroom and closed the door, and then finally I fell asleep, while mentally trying out wordings for a "no solicitors" sign.

* * *

I liked this one best:

"While your product/service/religion may be wonderful, please rest assured that we are not interested in hearing about it. Solicitors are invited only to leave without disturbing us."

Probably a little too high-falutin' for some of them, though. But the other alternative which appealed to me is--while pithy--too crude:

"Whatever it is, we don't want it. Solicitors: go the fuck away."

* * *

I finished reading vol 7 of Ichigo 100%, and I was actually impressed with it--something that hasn't happened before. I may go back and reread what I've got, and see if I've been missing something all along, or what.

So now it's down to Spice and Wolf, which I haven't cracked open yet. Tuesday Mom's got an appointment with the cardiologist, so I'll probably take that with me.

I left Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya where she could grab it if she wanted, and I noticed yesterday that she's been reading it. Heh. Mom's not going to be an anime fan but the Haruhi light novels are okay reading.

* * *

The South Park episode about WoW, as it turns out, has an homage in the game. The legendary sword Stan uses to kill the guy who's killing everyone is in there: "Slayer of the Lifeless (As fortold by Salzman)."

Apparently it was a drop in the now-gone Naxxramas 40-man raid, which makes it pretty freakin' epic.

* * *

Well, it's a pleasantly cool evening, and I'm still tired. I think we all know what that means.

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