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#2108: KyoAni promotional vehicles

It looks like most of the vehicles pictured here are plastered with anime-related images in order to promote KyoAni series. Then again, this is hardly a complete gallery of the event.

Still: they show pics of vehicles festooned with characters from Haruhi, Lucky Star, and K-on!, all of which are KyoAni vehicles (heh, pun intended).

The Gawker morons are all coastal liberals (rather than fanbois of any political stripe) so they don't get how cool this actually is.

Anyway, there's a pic of Fate Testarossa (but it's not on a Ferarri Testarossa) and one of a Pikachu-mobile. Photo #6 has Haruhi in the foreground and a Hayate no Gotoku-mobile in the background.

...this makes me want to get a big vinyl wrap of Yuki Nagato put on the Jeep or something. No, wait, I've got it: I'll have Yuki grace the hood of the Fiero.

* * *

(Sure, I will. When I have enough disposable income that I own my own home and don't have to worry about paying my bills. At the rate both I and the economy are progressing, this should be sometime around the year 2079. Maybe I can have a vinyl wrap of Yuki on my coffin.)

* * *

So! It's June 9th now. That means my ebook reader should be delivered bit more than four weeks!

Not that I'm eagerly anticipating it or anything. I've only wanted one of these things since I first had a chance to see how they look in person. *sigh*

* * *

Blizzard is updating their server hardware in anticipation of the big upgrade to Cataclysm this autumn, so some of their machines were down for an entire day. (24 hours, I mean.) Some were only down for the regular Tuesday morning maintenance.

So I took the opportunity this morning to create a version of Ormus on Cenarion Circle, a role-playing realm, and I learned that it is exactly the same as being on a PVP or PVE realm. The name rules are not enforced. ("So, your parents knew you would grow up to be a paladin and named you 'Pallyofdoom'? A fine name. Ancient Common, is it?") ("Greetings, Dethfrumabove. Your parents must have hated you.") Chat is straight internet chat with no attempt at role-playing.

Oh well. Seven levels in an hour and a half--I must be learning.

This upgrade means that Aggramar (my regular realm) will be off-line for an entire day sometime in the next few weeks. I'll just have to live with it. The RP Ormus will probably get a few more levels then.

* * *

Serious stuff Posted on the Fiero forum about the economy.

Laffer says 2011 is going to be a baaaad year. (The Laffer, Mr. "VooDoo economics" Laffer. That Laffer, whose economics ended giving us the longest and biggest peacetime expansion of the US economy of all the post-WW2 years.)

Laffer predicts another recession in 2011 because of tax hikes.

* * *

The European economy is facing stagnation and it's not going to help matters one whit. Like I said: circle of dominoes.

* * *

Mom had an appointment with the cardiologist on Tuesday. It seems like I spent my entire afternoon in the car; and I did, just about...and today's going to be more of the same as we've got a crapton of errands to run. And then tomorrow (Thu) starts off bright and early with me taking Mom to the clinic again for more lab tests.

Next week: more appointments. And (probably) the week after.

If I were working full-time how the living hell would I find the time to do all this?

And when will I get my ebook reader? July--and the testing stuff will probably be done by then. *sigh*

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