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#2110: THIS JUST IN: Oil and water do not mix!

Journalist dives into oil and discovers this heretofore undiscovered fact!

...he spends two paragraphs describing how difficult it was to wash the oil off himself. Duh! It's crude freakin' oil, DUMB ASS.

Do you know what petroleum jelly is? I'm sure you must have encountered it, as it's a common balm for certain kinds of skin irritation. Petroleum jelly is exactly what its name implies: it's a waxy solid that's left after the lighter hydrocarbon fractions have been distilled from crude oil. (One of several, in fact.)

Petroleum jelly was originally a byproduct of the distillation of kerosene from crude oil. (Gasoline, too.) Someone noticed what the foul-smelling guck did for his skin, and the rest was history: they found a way to "wash" it so it was no longer black, and found ways to remove the odor, and presto! Bum balm!

Crude oil--even "light, sweet" crude oil--is thick stuff because it's a mixture of all kinds of different hydrocarbon molecules. Some are light and short; but many are long and heavy, and the longer and heavier the molecule is, the thicker and stickier the stuff gets.

What did this tower of intellect think it would be like? Diving into a freakin' oil slick? He was the only guy on the boat willing to go into the water--that should have been a fuckin' clue, right there, that this is a really, really STUPID IDEA.

Bet that 20 years from now he'll get skin cancer and sue BP.

Yeah, those journalists are so smart. Jesus.

* * *

Keep an eye on hurricane season this year, because the weather goons are predicting a lot of activity and severe storms. (Probably due to "global warming".)
This year’s outlook for an Atlantic storm season with as many as 23 named storms compares with a total of nine last year. A record 28 named storms formed in 2005, including Katrina.

Researchers at the Colorado State University boosted their forecast for the 2010 season last week, predicting 18 named storms, 10 of them becoming hurricanes.
23 named storms this year after 9 last year.

The article doesn't mention figures for 2008 or 2007; only 2005, which was a banner year for hurricanes.

* * *

Good! Good good good good GOOD! A billionaire died and left his money to his kids, and the kids don't have to pay the Death Tax! I'm glad! That's $35 billion the government won't be taking from the people to whom it belongs!

* * *

They say that legal immigrants are also leaving Arizona, but the examples cited in this article are all about illegal immigrants.

It turns out that in at least one case, a legal immigrant is leaving because his business clientele consists largely of illegal immigrants, who are leaving Arizona because the state's going to start enforcing the immigration laws.

I don't feel sorry for people in that latter category; I really don't. The tide of illegal immigrants must be stemmed, and that means that people who are taking advantage of their presence are going to have to find other ways to make money.

Too goddamned bad.

* * *

Two Michelle Malkin guest blogger links:

AssQuest 2010 which is perhaps the only time I've ever found anything done by Jon Stewart to exist even in the same zip code as "funny".

Obama won't meet with BP CEO but he will meet with tyrants and dictators.

No surprises here.

* * *

Obama's attacks on BP are hurting British retirees. But don't you know? Anyone who owns stocks and has investments is one of the filthy rich and they don't deserve to have all that money anyway. Besides, those assholes are all in Great Britain and can't vote in the US anyway.

* * *

This is a bad, bad idea. Look: HIV is a fatal disease. At the moment there is a treatment for it which can delay (sometimes indefinitely) the progress of the disease, but this treatment is expensive and it doesn't always work.

First, consider the limitations of the test. Yes: we can test blood for the disease and reject donated blood which is tainted...but the tests are not foolproof. What if someone has contracted HIV recently and his blood doesn't contain enough antibodies to trigger the "positive" threshold of the test? You put that blood into another person and presto! you've just spread the disease. HIV infection is serious enough that this risk must be minimized.

Second, gays are the A-number-one risk group for HIV infection. Thirty years after the disease came to light that is still the greatest risk factor by far and away of anything. Being an intravenous drug user, patronizing prostitutes, getting a piercing or tattoo, being black, being the recipient of donated blood or blood products are all risk factors for HIV infection, but the combined proportion of those risk factors is dwarfed by the fraction that's represented by homosexuality.

Lifting the ban for men who have had sex with men, and putting in place a 12-month waiting period for those who had engaged in risky sexual behavior, would add about 90,000 pints of blood to the 16 million donated annually, according to a study by the Williams Institute for Sexual Orientation Law & Public Policy, at the University of California, Los Angeles, School of Law.
So they're saying they want to base a health safety issue on trusting people to tell the truth about their sex lives?

Fourth, because of these factors, all blood is treated as tainted by medical personnel, even stuff that's just come out of the cooler from Red Cross. If fresh blood is spilled right from the IV bag it's treated like it's 100% HIV and doused with bleach. The person who gets that blood on him scrubs himself clean with soap and hot water.

I know what's behind this: homosexuals feel put-upon because they're not allowed to donate blood "like everyone else". But you know what? You can't base health policy on peoples' feelings. If there is so much as a 0.001% chance that HIV-tainted blood can be given to someone that risk is too great.

* * *

The Taliban is using HIV as a weapon.

* * *

Speaking of bad ideas, they want to bump the allowable fraction of ethanol in gasoline to 12% or even 15%.

Modern cars (excluding flex-fuel cars) are designed to use gasoline which is no more than 10% ethanol. Increasing the fraction of alcohol will result in a whole bunch of not-good stuff, including fuel system corrosion and an increased incidence of fuel pump failures. This may not matter to the rich guys running ADM, but it really matters a lot to those of us down at the other end of the income spectrum who wish to drive their cars until the wheels fall off.

I suppose I could rip out the fuel systems and install E15 compatible hardware, but that would be an awful big job. But the alternative would be to buy a new car.

* * *

Weerd today has a link to an article about the discovery--in Russia--of a Stalin-era mass grave.

The skulls have bullet holes in them.

Leftism is a violent ideology. It always has been.

Weerd again, asking "why?"

Because they can't get their way without it.

People like being free. They like keeping their money. They like being allowed to choose their friends, their religion, their politics. They like to be able to go where they please without having to ask permission of a government bureaucrat. They like being able to decide which school is right for their children. They like being able to select medical treatment based on their own criteria, not those of a faceless panel of government workers.

Leftism denies all that. Leftism is about "freedom to long as you choose what the elites like." Leftism is about people working to generate money for government to spend as it sees fit. Leftism is about government regulation and control of as many people as possible.

Leftists can't win the argument with facts; they can't get into power if they tell the truth about who they are and what they want. They have to lie; or else they have to seize power at gunpoint.

That's why they're so violent. When you scratch a liberal, you find a dictator.

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