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#2112: "Biodegradable reactor shielding"--I am going to remember that.

This Munchkin Wrangler post contains the best use for the hopelessly stupid that I've yet seen.

* * *

Alan Caruba hits another one out of the park with today's post, "The Decline and Fall of Everybody". The terminal paragraph sums it up well:
There is a ripple effect here. It begins with the laid-off former employees who cannot find new jobs. It includes the owner of the office building who has space he cannot rent to a new business enterprise. It includes a copier machine lease allowed to lapse. As he put it, he can walk down the block from where he lives and use printing and delivery services. For list maintenance and other IT services, there’s always the vendor in Bangalore, India.
* * *

Couple of Malkin links:

"ACORN works for Democrats."

It would be nice if someone who understood the oil industry was in the White House. Unfortunately, we've got an inexperienced "community organizer" whose training is all in law and who has done nothing but be a policy wonk his entire life. (Well, the part after he was doing cocaine, that is.)

You know, in 2000 I wanted Forbes for President. Bush got the nod; and though I was skeptical I voted for him. In retrospect, I'm glad I did: after 9/11 Bush rose to the occasion and demonstrated a real capacity for leadership I hadn't suspected he had.

In 2008, then, I held my nose and voted for McCain. I didn't think he was all that great, but I knew he had to be at least incrementally better than Obama, who was not fit for the job. After Obama won, I fervently hoped I was wrong.

I wasn't.

* * *

If you think Israel won't defend its borders, you are sorely mistaken.

The Palestinian effort consists of provoking Israel until Israel has to do something, and then crying about it to the world press: "Waah! Look what Israel did to us! We were just throwing rocks and molotov cocktails at them and they shot us! None of them were hurt but look at all the dead bodies over here!" ...and the world press uncritically reports it and doesn't even look to see if there are any Isralei soldiers down in the burn wards.

And notice what this latest strategy means: the Palestinians intend to drive civilians to rush fortified positions, which no doubt contain machine guns and other implements of destruction. Will the PLO give their "troops" weapons? Will Hamas even warn them about what they face? Somehow I doubt it:
It could be that they will just break through the border, with their children and their elderly. What will Israel be able to do?

Emphasis mine. You see? They don't intend a real military action; they intend to generate as many casualties ON THEIR OWN SIDE as they can in a bid for world opinion to turn their way. Those people won't have guns--much less any military training--and they'll probably be told, "Don't worry! The jews won't shoot you!"

I'm with Israel: if you give me a choice between defending my border and having the world media like me, I'm gonna defend my border. If you ask me, Israel has been incredibly forebearing with the Palestinian movement, and clearly it's the Palestinians who do not want to settle matters.

Particularly since Obama told Palestine, "Look, if you and Israel can't come to some kind of agreement, we're going to force Israel to give ground. *wink wink*"

The "Free Palestine" movement is run by a bunch of evil, evil men.

* * *

Israel may strike at Iran soon. Someone's got to. For damn sure we're not going to do anything about Iran's nuclear aspirations, not with the biodegradable-reactor-shield-in-chief fapping over BP's oil spill.

* * *

Mr. President, please stop this nonsense and release your long-form birth certificate. All you have to do to stop all of this bullshit is simply to sign a form releasing it for public view. Why won't you? What have you got to hide?

Why do you have the social security number of someone born in Connecticut?

* * *

Well, now: it's already been a week since I ordered the ebook reader. See? That wasn't so bad!

Now I only have to do that four more times!

...actually this week seemed to drag. (And in fact it's only been six days.) The prior week? FFT! Gone.

Poor June: you are punishing me for wishing you would pass speedily, when in fact I should enjoy it. I will try to do better.

*snerk* "Biodegradable-reactor-shield-in-chief". Heh.

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