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#2116: Video evidence of assault

By now everyone's posted and discussed Congresscrit Etheridge (D) assaulting a college student who had the unmitigated gall to ask him a question on a public street while a video camera recorded it. A sample:


The Anchoress.

Doug Powers over at Michelle Malkin's blog.

Grabbing someone and holding him and refusing to release him is assault, you know. If you did that to anyone you'd go to jail; but because Etheridge is a Democrat congresscrit, he'll get a pass.

* * *

I think this is eminently fair. Minnesota has decided that "Ladies' Night" is discriminatory.

It is! Lowering your prices for people based on their sex is discrimination! The litmus test, as always, is to flip the pronouns and see how it looks. "Low prices for men only" would be considered sexist, right?

I mean, in this modern age where we value women and men equally, why should women get special discounts?

* * *

Speaking of discrimination, somebody tell the NAACP that they look like fools when they make shit up. The talking Hallmark card sounds like it's saying "black hos" but it's saying "black holes".

...NAACP has outlived its usefulness: this is the only evidence of racism they can find.

* * *

The last time I filled up the Jeep I did it at a local BP franchise. I did it specifically because what happened in the Gulf of Mexico was an accident and is the inevitable and natural result of the exploitation of natural resources. And because of this nonsense I believe I will continue to do so.

If it hadn't been BP it would have been someone else, sooner or later, and the very same people who are calling for this boycott on BP would be calling for a boycott on whoever else it was.

It would be just as misguided and stupid, too.

* * *

The drilling ban is going to cost a lot of people their jobs and it'll further cost the US economy a lot in other ways.

* * *

Yeah, but it's fourth edition. You might as well be playing the Pokemon collectible card game or Yu-gi-oh! or Pogs or something.

"There are no downsides" says one slug, but I'm telling you, there is: it's bloody fourth edition.

* * *

Yesterday, after I said there was rain headed our way, the damn rain petered out before it got to us. So the temperature and the humidity stayed. It wasn't hot but there was no wind and the air was very humid, and about 7-8 PM last night I'd finally had enough of it; I closed the windows and turned on the AC. The AC rapidly dehumidified the air in the house and I was soon feeling comfortable.

Today it's cool, but the dewpoint is still high. There's barely a breath of wind. It's cloudy, so the AC doesn't have to run much, and I'm intent on keeping the house closed until and unless the outdoors dehumidifies itself.

On the plus side, I saw my first firefly of the season last night.

* * *

Well! By this time next week I'll be only a month (30 days) away from getting my ebook reader.

*sob!* *snort!*

* * *

The siren song of Indiana's fireworks stands is beginning to call to me. Well, the 4th is 3 weeks away, and the blue Val-Pak envelope contained a flyer for some stand or other.

How do you like that? The guys selling the stuff know it's going to be taken to Illinois and Michigan, so why not advertise? And around here, any enforcement of the fireworks ban would be anarcho-tyranny since just about the entire freakin' town sets off package fireworks on the 4th.

I live right next door to the fire chief. Do you think I can get away with it? I probably could, particularly if the damn rain keeps up. And since there would be others in the neighborhood who also set crap off.... OTOH I could do the usual thing and go see Sailor V in Monee, and light shit down the road from his place.

But setting off fireworks is like lighting money on fire. Only more spectacular and fun.

Last year, I was supposed to go to the Beecher fireworks show with the stupid now-ex, only she wasn't feeling well and we stayed home. And then I regretted not going to Indiana for fireworks. How will I feel this year, staying at home on the 4th and not even lighting any of my own? And since almost all those places are "buy-one-get-one" (or more on some items) you can spend $50 and have a respectable pile of stuff to blow off.

*sigh* I don't know what I want to do.

* * *

If I do go over to Salior V's place, I definitely ought to get out the old potato cannon and buy a sack of ammo....

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