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#2119: Miley Cyrus can't afford panties?

What is with these stupid celebrities, going out in public without underwear?

#1: Perez Hilton is a douchebag par excellence. If you look in the dictionary, his freakin' picture is next to the second definition of "douchebag". ("A person, male or female, who is a complete waste of protoplasm and whom the world would not miss were his existence to be utterly negated", more or less.)

#2: Ms. Cyrus is a few months short of her 18th birthday. Can we please get some goddamned perspective here? Are we willing to ruin peoples' lives because someone took a picture of a girl's bared crotch solely because she was only almost 18? It would be different if she were a few months shy of 17, or if she were even younger--but come on. Do we really have to be this draconian about it? By the time anyone gets to trial with this she'll be 18, anyway!

#3: One would think that if Ms. Cyrus wasn't wearing anything under her skirt and was getting out of a car in front of people with cameras, the last thing she'd do is actually let her legs fall open unless the beaver shot was the entire point of the exercise. We're expected to believe that she just forgot she wasn't wearing underwear?

Making the transition from "child star" to "star" is not easy, and this is one of the steps: you make sure you show people that you're "grown up" and "no longer a child" and you don't do it with the tawdriness of a b-lister who poses for Playboy. You do this with "accidental" nudity and other stupid behavior. Going commando in a skirt, flashing the press, and letting the tabloids natter about it is one way to accomplish that; it's slutty with plausible deniability: "That was an accident!" You can't say that of posing for a skin mag, but it accomplishes the same thing.

Britney Spears used this technique.

The entire thing is a densely-packed horseshit.

* * *

ObamaCare will prevent employers from changing health plans. Congratulations! Just when we can least afford it, the Democrats have found yet another way to stifle the economic recovery they say is happening!

* * *

Once you have your vehicle far enough down the launch ramp that you need not go farther, put it in drive. Don't leave it in reverse. And if you can't remember that simple step, then at least check to see which gear you're in before you gun it.


While we're at it: how the hell do you buy a personal watercraft without a trailer? If you can't afford to buy a trailer with it--or if you can't afford to get a hitch put on your vehicle to tow said trailer--then you don't have the income to buy the thing in the first place.

Unless, of course, the personal watercraft was stolen....

* * *

Og talks about teachers in his high school who abused students.

...I know what he's talking about in his last paragraph. Up to the bit about teachers preying on students, anyway. I don't think anything of the sort was going on at my high school.

If there had been I wouldn't have known about it, anyway. I was almost totally disconnected from the society of my peers. (Girls? I went months without talking to any of them, if not longer. Not by choice, mind you, but that's how it was for me.)

I suppose that's why I'm so woefully screwed up.

* * *

Yesterday, around 11 PM, I was shocked and dismayed to realize that I'd spent my entire day since 1 PM playing WoW.

Yesterday's weather was god-awful. First, it was incredibly humid, with dewpoints approaching 70°. Second, there was no wind. Third, the air was just warm enough that it didn't feel cool. Combined, these three factors made a day with temps in the 70s feel like it was freakin' Manila. (I've been to Manila. I know of what I speak.) After about 3 or 4 it started to rain, and that continued for hours.

It was a good day to stay indoors, where the air conditioning kept things cool and dry.

...still, ten hours--Frexxed added several levels and I hit a couple of instances with Amaleni, including "Tournament of Champions", so that was fun. Amaleni got a couple pieces of gear, which is necessary for hitting endgame content. Whee!

Frexxed ran all over the place running quests, and I killed a shit-ton of snapjaw turtles in order to power-level my cooking skill by making no less than 61 units of turtle bisque. (It also ended up power-leveling skinning since dead turtles are skinnable.) The He-Frex is 34th now.

I also fiddled with the WoW armory page, which lets you examine characters and their equipment and search for upgrades. It's neat, and there's a link feature I'm going to have to experiment with. You never know; you might be able to take a gander at the He-Frex right here.

* * *

Today's weather is so nice I'm cudgeling my brain trying to think of something to do outside. I just don't know what that is. Since it rained so much yesterday I don't think taking the Jeep in search of exploitable trails is a good idea. (Maybe if I had a winch....) And there isn't anything else I feel like doing. it'll probably be WoW again. *sigh*

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