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#2121: Are these the same "experts" who have been wrong all along?

"Experts" say there won't be a double-dip recession. I have to wonder. Every time an unemployment statistic is released, it's been "unexpected". Every time a major economic indicator has been discussed, its change has been "unexpected". These guys apparently expect the wrong things, time and again; so why should we believe them now?

I see too many signs that the economy is not in recovery; and I see plenty of ways the economy can slip back into negative growth (rather than zero, which is more or less where it is now). I don't trust these "experts" who haven't been right once in the last seventeen months.

* * *

According to language experts, if you didn't like Obama's speech, it's because you're stupid. "Experts" again. *rolleyes* It's the same kind of bullshit from those who say that people who don't like atonal and arrythmic music are just stupid.

It's not that people disliked Obama's speech because it was written for a freshman in high school. It's because his speech was too sophomoric. (Pun intended.)

* * *

China is not ahead of the US in "green energy". China is opening another new coal plant just about every other day, and China doesn't have the pollution restrictions the US has got.

Okay? In 2008 for the Beijing Olympic games, here's what the "air" looked like:

That's not fog. It's air pollution.

Yeah, they're really green over there, aren't they?

* * *

God save us from stupid government regulations. Oil skimmers are not allowed to operate because they release water which still has oil in it--Jesus. Yet another example from the "it's not 100% effective so we're banning it" school of abject stupidity.

So because these systems are not 100% effective, they couldn't be used...and it took EPA fifty days to issue a waiver for their use. If the skimmers had been put into operation as soon as possible, most of the oil that was released could have been contained. Instead, the EPA prevented mitigation of the oil spill.

I seem to misremember: as I recall, EPA stands for "Environmental Protection Agency". Am I wrong?

* * *

And BP is going to shunt its dividends into paying off Democrats. *sigh* This is probably the best deal BP can manage; certainly it doesn't want the Democrat Regime to force them down the same road they pushed GM.

What I don't understand is why BP is being held responsible for a government decision: BP is having to set aside $100 million to pay now-unemployed oil workers, who are out of jobs because of the government-applied moratorium on offshore drilling.

By what authority can the Democrat Regime make them do this? Other than "I won", that is? None of this is constitutional (or even legal, I'd bet) yet no one is asking why or how Obama thinks he has the authority.

It's not even a bill of attainder! It's just Obama telling BP, "You're going to do this, or else." That's not how this country is supposed to work!

If Obama deals with a large multinational corporation this way, what makes us think he's going to deal with individual citizens any differently? The man has no respect for rule of law or the Constitution whatsoever!

What the hell happened to due process?

* * *


* * *

The latter two segments of this Curmudgeon Emeritus post are worth reading. Particularly the last part.

* * *

The best way to cut the cost of a midlife crisis is not to have one in the first place.

If you must have one--if you can't avoid it--find ways to change things that don't involve spending a shitton of money. The douchebag in the article wants to buy a freakin' Harley--and I have just about decided that "person on Harley"="douchebag", believe me.

The way Harley riders behave, it's like the guy riding the thing has purposely selected his motorcycle specifically so you can easily identify him as a douchebag, totally eliminating the guesswork or error factor. "I paid twenty thousand dollars for this motorcycle! Now get the fuck out of my way!"

(I originally said "fifteen" there. Then I thought about it. Prices have been going up, after all.)

You know, people used to ride motorcycles because they were cheaper than cars, they used less fuel, and were fun to ride. Now that motorcycles are a fashion statement, though, the damn things cost more than many cars.

And apparently they're not any damn fun to ride, either, because every time I get one of these morons behind me they're tailgating me as if their lives depend on getting where they're going as quickly as possible. Generally you're not in a hurry when you're having fun.

OTOH it may just be the Harley riders around here. Maybe when you get away from Chicago ("Douchebag Central") the people on motorcycles are more relaxed and are enjoying life more.

Then again, maybe the people riding the things are all unhappy Boomers who bought the things becuase they think expensive toys enable one to enjoy life, and ride them the exact way they drive their BMWs becuase they think the world revolves around them...and they're not having fun and they're taking it out on everyone else: "It's not me; it's because that guy's only driving at the speed limit that I'm not enjoying this!!!"

I think that's probably about right.

* * *

Speaking of stupid-expensive junk, Jalopnik's posted the Nissan GT-R warranty settlement.

Nissan designed and marketed the car as a supercar, yet the transmission in the thing is apparently made of glass from Faberge eggs and paper mache made with paper that comes from a rare tree found only in certain parts of the Amazon jungle. How else can you explain a $20,000 list price for a transmission that breaks so easily?

Shit, I've never owned a car that cost more than $20,000. (My Jeep probably listed somewhere near $25k when new, but I certainly didn't pay that much for it.)

* * *

I had intended to get back on WoW yesterday after returning from the doc's, but instead I posted a blog entry and then read my book before going to bed around midnight.

I'm seeing the ENT next week, on Tuesday, about the ear. It's still aching a bit, though less than yesterday. Maybe the really expensive pills ("Allegra") the doc prescribed are helping.

* * *

My Libre ebook reader ships in 33 days. Not that I'm counting or anything.

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