atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#2125: This guy is right.

Jalopnik has a post titled "What's Your Problem With Minivans, Anyway?" And down in the comments, commentor grzydj gets it right:
Americans have such massively fragile egos. They can't just have a vehicle that does a task properly, they have to have a vehicle that does a task while padding their ego whilst doing so.

That's the problem with the minivan. For the most part, it does most jobs a lot better than an SUV or a common station wagon, but you can't haul the kids to the store in your minivan and convince yourself that you're cool while doing so. If however, you're doing this same mundane task in a vehicle that looks like it's prepped to scale the Rockies, then you can do so all the while feeling a bit full of yourself even though your highly vaunted SUV will never leave the pavement.

Sure, you're going to get sick of banging your shins against the door trying to load kids in the back, and sure you're going to get sick of bonking your head on the top of the door frame loading kids in and out, but dammit, you've got an image to uphold. You're not a suburbanite living well beyond your means in a row of cookie cutter houses, because you've got a vehicle that is capable of tackling anything in any kind of weather.

You just keep telling yourself that, even though nobody else on the face of the planet buys it for a damn second.

Get over yourself. You're just a nobody living in a brown house with a mortgage that you can barely afford and an SUV that everybody can agree is not making you look any cooler than a simple, pedestrian minivan would have.

Personally, if I were to ever have a bunch of kids and move to the suburbs, I wouldn't hesitate to buy a minivan for a second. I've used the hell out of minivans for numerous occasions. They're perfect rental cars. Seriously, if you're going to go on a long ass road trip sans hotel, then rent a minivan. They're perfect for sleeping in the back of, especially if you get one with stow and go seating.

The seating position is perfect for sitting somewhere for 24 + hours straight. You can move your legs around and lean in all sorts of directions that your body will command if you after getting white line fever.

Minivans are great for what they are designed to do.
Could not have said it better myself, which is why I just blockquoted the whole thing.

* * *

The antihistamine/decongestant the doc has me on to alleviate ear symptoms is almost working, but it makes me too damn sleepy. My ear's not hurting, but I'm sleeping more than usual and I haven't got any gumption for doing anything.

Dinner tonight was Burger King; and the Escort is still making that exhaust leak sound, which means I didn't get the damn pipe on correctly. Argh etc. I've got to go get that leak kit and dump the dye into the oil and take a drive before I put the car up on jack stands again.

Weather for the next 5 days? Hot, rainy. *sigh*

Meanwhile, I'm saving Spice and Wolf volume 2 for this week's doctor visits, mine and Mom's. I go Tuesday to the otolarygnologist; Mom goes Wed, Thu, Fri to a variety of doctors.

I'm going to need another book. At least one. Maybe I'll go dig out my copy of Clancy's Red Storm Rising, since I know I haven't got a copy of War and Peace anywhere. Libre ebook reader won't come until late July, and right now is when I could really use the thing, you know? On the plus side, the ship date is now only ("only", har) thirty days away.

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