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#2131: Amnesty for illegals via executive order!

Why not? Obama doesn't care about due process or the Constitution! All he cares about is getting his agenda rammed through.

Michelle Malkin says it's a "rumor" but a bunch of Senators have written a letter to the White House asking for clarification on that point. She adds, "This administration has accomplished its major policy agenda items through force, fiat, and fraud. Immigration will be no different."

The Democrats have to secure as much of the Hispanic vote as they can, because very little else is going to help them come November. The policies and practices of the Obama administration and the rest of the Democrat Regime have soured the US public on Democrats; and so they need some core of voters to shore up their poll numbers.

A majority of hispanics will vote Democrat anyway, but more will vote so if they think the Democrat Regime is looking out for "mi hombres". Blocking any attempt at preventing vote fraud (such as by requiring a photo ID to vote) are vociferously opposed and called "racist" lest those who are not actually eligible to vote be turned away from the polls, costing Democrats yet more votes.

The Democrat Regime also cannot get their amnesty bill through Congress without GOP support, and as usual the Regime refuses to allow Republicans to make any changes to the bill. (The Regime has always defined "bipartisanship" as "Republicans doing what Democrats want them to".)

So? Obama signs an executive order, and amnesty is as good as done. The Republican minority in Congress cannot do anyting to override the order, since the Democrats will simply vote down any attempt at checking or balancing Obama's power.

* * *

Good. Illegals leaving Arizona? The law hasn't even taken effect yet and already it's doing what it was designed to do: get them to self-deport or at least go elsewhere.
Ruiz, Suriano and Arias are representative of many families facing what they consider a cruel dilemma. To leave, they must pull their children from school, uproot their lives and look for new jobs and homes elsewhere. But to stay is to be under the scrutiny of the nation's most stringent immigration laws and the potentially greater threat of being caught, arrested and deported. They also perceive a growing hostility toward Hispanics, in general.
ALl three of the women mentioned in that quote are in the US illegally. If their dilemma is cruel, too bad; it is one of their own making: they obviously know they are breaking the law by being in the US, else they would not be planning to leave a state which has said it's going to enforce the immigration laws.

"They also perceive a growing hostility toward Hispanics, in general." No, it's not leveled at hispanics. It's leveled at illegal aliens. The US is a country founded on the principle of rule of law, that no one is above the law. Yet the federal government consistently gives criminal aliens a pass, time and again, and every so often rewards their criminal behavior by granting amnesty.

It needs to stop.

* * *

Sir, you're taking the wrong message from the new ordinance.
Mr. Alfredo Velez had new concerns Tuesday after his neighbors voted for an ordinance to crack down on illegal immigrants.

To Velez, the vote a day earlier in Fremont to ban hiring or renting property to illegal immigrants sent a clear message: "We're not welcome here," said Velez, a native of Mexico who became a U.S. citizen in 1985.
Not so, Mr. Velez. You are perfectly, eminently welcome here. As a naturalized citizen, you have every right to be here, and I'll defend that as far as it needs defending.

The people who are not welcome here are those who are here illegally.

The ACLU, of course, has jumped into the middle of it: "'We are moving as quickly as possible, because we don't want this law to be in effect for even one day,' said Amy Miller, legal director for the Nebraska ACLU." Of course not! Why should the people be able to decide for themselves what their town laws should allow or prohibit? There are lawyers working for the ACLU who know better than those hicks in the hinterlands!

Another take on the story from WND.

* * *

Meanwhile Obama's idea of reform is for illegals to inform the federal government if their bosses are breaking labor laws. That's right: we're not going to punish people for hiring illegals, but we'll punish 'em if they don't pay them the federal minimum wage!

This is so fucking ludicrous it makes my brain ache.

* * *

HOW IN THE HELL DID I KNOW that the "consumer group" in question was none other than the "Center for Science in the Public Interest"? (Hell yes those are sneer quotes, used with malice aforethought.)

Here, too they are referred to as a "consumer group" rather than a more accurate description. Something like "a bunch of fucking food nazis" might be appropriate.

These are the same people who think children should--instead of drinking milk--be given kale as a source of calcium. Oh yeah, kids just fucking love eating kale, don't they? You can't let a gaggle of toddlers loose in a kale field becaus they'll gorge themselves to bursting on the stuff!

These asshats are busybody douchebags. That organization pisses me off every time it opens its collective piehole.

* * *

Therein lies the problem.
...during the Bush years, several states openly flouted federal immigration law on issues like sanctuary cities and in-state tuition for illegal immigrants. Respecting the doctrines of comity and federalism, the Bush administration didn't sue.
AND IT SHOULD HAVE! If Bush and the country club Republicans had not been "Democrat Lite" on just about goddamned everything, those sanctuary cities would have found themselves stripped of federal funding until and unless they ceased coddling criminal aliens.

Saying "well, we didn't sue you" is like complaining that because Poland didn't attack Hitler, he shouldn't have invaded: Hitler was going to invade Poland regardless of what Poland said or did. The Democrats aren't interested in "the doctrines of comity and federalism", except when they think Republicans aren't giving it to them. Democrats are interested first and foremost in getting their way and retaining and enhancing their power. Sanctuary cities and special perks for criminal aliens both work towards the ends of the Democrat Regime; if criminal aliens cost them power you'd see the harshest penalties and mass deportations all the damn time.

* * *

Think I'm exaggerating? Just look at how Democrats deal with guns. The laws don't work, so they add more laws which also do not work.

* * *

And Illinois now has the worst credit rating of all the states in the US, including California. We're #1!

"Illinois's crisis is unique in that it is purely a creature of mismanagement by elected officials." Anyone living here could tell you that, dude.

* * *

The Anchoress links to a worthy blog post and opines:

Obama does not shift, or try new approaches, or let go of ideas he sees the nation rejecting. He just doubles down, like a community organizer who never learned how to think beyond his own agenda, and says "Yes, you will; yes, I can."
* * *

I'm only going to comment on "10 Creepiest Sex Scenes in Superhero Movies" to the extent of talking about #3, the first Batman movie with Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholsen.
So in Tim Burton's original Batman, Bruce Wayne invites Vicki Vale over for dinner... and a LOT of wine. Before long she's completely intoxicated while our "hero" hasn't had a sip. They make out and end up in bed together, and then he never calls.
C'mon: Bruce Wayne is a multi-billionaire. Vicki Vale may be venting at him but she's not going to dump him just because he didn't call her the next morning.

He could spend his entire life not calling her the next morning and she'd still hang with him just because of his full appellation: "Bruce Wayne, multi-billionaire."

In the mating game, "rich" beats just about everything.

* * *

(Dang, that was cynical of me. But it's true.)

* * *

This Arse Technica article talks about using carbon nanotubes to make super-batteries which combine the properties of batteries and capacitors.

...and the technology currently works on a scale measured in the single digits of micrometers: 0.00000x meters, in other words: "The authors indicate that they plan to continue by verifying how the electrodes behave on larger scales, where 'larger' means tens and hundred of micrometers." A hundred micrometers is 0.1 millimeter.

Yeah. Don't expect these batteries to be available next week. Maybe next decade.

* * * not something normal men do.

* * *

Two pictures:

First, God Almighty, with an AK-47!

Somewhere God is laughing His ass off at this. It's too stupid to be offensive--a God action figure? And why does God need an assault rifle?

Second, we are shown that Shining Time Station could have been a hell of a lot more awesome if the Japanese had produced it:

If the people who own the property rights to Shining Time Station and Thomas the Tank Engine et al do not jump on this and make a series out of it, they deserve to go down to ruin and ignominy. Come on, what kid wouldn't love steam locomotives which transform and combine into a giant mech?

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